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Former Chicago Bears Defensive Coordinator’s House Raided by the FBI


There has been some crazy rumors regarding the abrupt resignation of the Chicago Bears defensive coordinator, and it sound like there was some truth to them.


Chicago Bears defensive coordinator, Alan Williams, released a statement saying he is stepping down as the team’s DC to take care of his health and family. However, hours before the resignation news was released, Jon Zaghloul, claimed that he was told by sources that William’s and the Bears training facility, were raided in connection to an undisclosed incident.


According to Larry Brown Sports, Jon Zaghloul, who runs website Sports Talk Chicago, added that Bears legend, Charles Tilman, who is now working as a field agent for the FBI in Chicago, broke the news about the Chicago Bears defensive coordinator to Bears head coach Matt Eberflus.


A spokesperson for the Bears later said that the report of Halas Hall, the training facility of the Bears, being raided was untrue. Ian Rapoport of NFL Media confirmed that and reported that the NFL or Tillman was involved. The Bears general manager, Ryan Poles, said on Thursday that any report regarding Halas Hall being raided was completely false.


What nobody seemed to deny was that the former Chicago Bears defensive coordinator’s house raided by the FBI. On his show Thursday, Pat McAfee said that he was told by sources that the raid at the Chicago Bears defensive coordinator’s house did take place. McAfee said that as soon as you hear someone’s house being raided by the FBI then there is obviously something very disgusting allegations that could have potentially be at play.

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The former Chicago Bears defensive coordinator said the reasons for his resignation was for his health and family, bit Bears reporter, Brad Biggs, said that there was no indication that the Chicago Bears defensive coordinator’s absences from work was relate to either.


According to the New York Post on, the Chicago Bears defensive coordinator resigned on Wednesday after having been away from the team for nearly a week under mysterious circumstances, however, in his statement that he released, he also expressed his desire to return to the NFL coaching ranks.


Pat McAfee, who reported that the new of the Chicago Bears defensive coordinator’s house being raided was true, speculated that the reason for the raid could have been drugs based on the Chicago Bears defensive coordinator’s statement about his health, but he also emphasized that he did not know the answer. There has been no explanation as to why the FBI raided Williams’ home.

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