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Four Teenage Boys Were Charged with Possession of Guns

Juvenile boys posted a picture on Snapchat holding firearms were arrested. (Photo: iStock)

Four teenage boys who were seen holding firearms on Snapchat were arrested.

Juvenile boys posted a picture on Snapchat holding firearms were arrested. (Photo: iStock)

Four teenage boys were arrested on August 14, 2023 after law enforcements saw on Snapchat that two were handling firearms.

According to Yahoo News, two of the four teenage boys were charged with possession of firearms under the age of 18. The other two of the four boys, 15, were arrested for the obstruction of the legal process. It is not known if the younger pair were charged as juvenile records in Minnesota are not public information.

Two of the four teenage boys who were charged with a crime are currently in prison at the Anoke County Juvenile Detention Center. The younger pair of the four teenage boys were cited then released to their parents.

The older pair of the four teenage boys are currently alleged to have a warrant of arrest and a probation apprehension ordered to them, according to Amanda Grayson, the Crime Prevention and Communications Coordinator. She also cited a Minnesota Statute that bars the public release of juvenile court records.

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One of the four teenage boys was arrested last March with the same offense.

From the article posted by Post Bulletin, the court documents have shown that the RPD investigator used a law enforcement created Snapchat account and have seen that the older pair of the four teenage boys had posted a picture holding a handgun and a shotgun. It was also stated that law enforcement has had previous contacts with the older pair, though those records are not in public.

While waiting to execute a search warrant, RPD arrested one of the four teenage boys during a traffic stop. The boy cooperated with the police and told them who was in the residence and said that there might be a handgun inside. When the officers set the perimeter around the house where the four teenage boys were, all of the people inside the house were allowed to exit. The boys declined to go out but later then exited the home and were sent to custody.

The officers did not find any firearms until one of the four teenage boys told where the shotgun was hidden. Police eventually found a Winchester shotgun and a 9mm 3D printed handgun that matched the pictures that were seen on Snapchat.

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