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The Vermont Economic Development Authority’s Energy Loans

The Vermont Economic Development Authority's Energy Loan Program helps with businesses. (Photo: Vermont Tree Goods)

VEDA or Vermont Economic Development Authority has helped so many businesses to grow in Vermont since their inception.

The Vermont Economic Development Authority’s Energy Loan Program helps with businesses. (Photo: Vermont Tree Goods)

The Vermont Economic Development Authority or VEDA has helped different Vermont businesses’ growth since 1947. Vermont Economic Development Authority’s commercial energy loan program works with improving and qualifying projects for loans up to $6 million to help Vermont’s business landscape further forward.

According to VT Digger, the Vermont Economic Development Authority’s Commercial Energy Loan works with projects to help improve Vermont’s business landscape by the help of a $6 million loan in their loan program.

During the 50 years of the Vermont Economic Development Authority’s inception, the world has become a different place, with new technology and needs emerging and changing. A great example of this would be financing for renewable energy.

Some of Vermont Economic Development Authority’s recent energy focused borrowers are:

  1. Green Lantern Solar – a firm that brings sun-powered energy and battery storage to Vermont.
  2. Purpose Energy – A company that helps businesses and other food and beverage producers to better handle their waste while supplying power to Vermont.
  3. Runamok – The maple and honey producers are reducing their carbon footprint by using solar panels as part of their eco-friendly mission.

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The Vermont Economic Development Authority’s loan officers are excited to work with new up-and-coming businesses. Here is what you need to know about Vermont Economic Development Authority’s Commercial Energy Loan.

According to the Vermont Economic Development Authority, their Commercial Energy Loan Program helps to finance businesses in Vermont that are qualifying for renewable energy generation and energy efficiency projects.

The Vermont Economic Development Authority’s energy loan program has a maximum loan size of $6 million. See the loan rates, terms, and fees below:

  1. Eligibility – Individuals, partnerships, corporations (profit and non-profit), limited liability companies, and companies that are planning to undertake a project of or improving renewable energy.
  2. Loan Rates, Terms, and Fees – VEDA offers variable rates and a low fixed rate option for 5 years. With the variable option, the maximum amount of loan is $6 million, and for the fixed rate option, $500, 000.

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