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Future of US Auto Industry — Two Neighboring Ohio Factories

Two Neighboring Ohio Factories
Two neighboring Ohio factories could tell the future of US auto industry

Two neighboring Ohio factors could tell the future of US auto industry

Two Neighboring Ohio Factories

Two neighboring Ohio factories could tell the future of US auto industry

Ohio factories could tell the future of US auto industry

In a recent article of CNN Business, the massive Lordstown Assembly factory in Ohio, nearly the size of the Pentagon, more than 50 years old, and nearly empty, is a reminder of the past strength of both General Motors and the United Auto Workers union.

US Auto industry, Lordstown plant opened in 1966. GM closed it just months before its contract with the UAW expired in 2019. Closing one of the future US Auto industry Lordstown helped spark a six-week strike at the nation’s largest automaker. Consider as another future of US Auto industry, UAW won many of its bargaining goals with that strike, including new life for one of those four doomed plants, which today is building EVs.

David Green said one of the US Auto industry, Lordstow is a blight on any community. He worked at Lordstown for 24 years and is now a regional director for the union in Ohio and Indiana. Considered as one of the US Auto industry company made a few dozen trucksand a few hundred million dollars in losses filed for bankruptcy earlier this year.

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US Auto industry Lordstown factory is now owned by Foxconn, the contract manufacturer best known for building iPhones, which plans to make EVs for another upstart, Fisker, starting in 2025. Whether that comes to pass remains to be seen as the future of US Auto industry.

The future of US Auto industry and automaker still has a presence in Lordstown with partial ownership of an EV battery plant, a key to its plans to convert completely from internal combustion vehicles to EVs by the middle of next decade. And if the UAW is going to remain a power in the US Auto industry, it will need to win contracts for EV workers.

In 2019, GM formed a joint venture with Korean manufacturer LG to build the massive batteries that power EVs as part of the US Auto industry. The joint venture, Ultium Cells, is the key to GM’s plans to shift to an all-EV lineup of vehicles as the future of US Auto industry by 2035, though EVs make up only a small fraction of its sales today.

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