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Half of the University of San Diego Football Team to Face Disciplinary Actions for Alleged Hazing


Names of the players involved with the alleged hazing incident were not released.

The University has given disciplinary actions to the players involved. (Photo:

Roughly half of the University of San Diego Football team is facing disciplinary action just before the start of the season after an investigation of an alleged hazing within the program.


According to USA Today, The University of San Diego has released a statement that the actions taken included that players will be receiving an indefinite game suspension. The University of San Diego also said that the first-year head coach Brandon Moore has been notified of the allegations on August 18, then reported to the athletic director Bill McGillis. 


As a result, the football team’s activities were suspended as officials have begun an investigation, which included interviewing the players. The University of San Diego said that approximately half of the team, who were either active or passive participants, will face varying degrees of disciplinary actions.


Players could also face more discipline from the University of San Diego, as the announced disciplinary actions are only related to athletic participation. The University of San Diego also said that there is a zero-tolerance policy for hazing. To add, Moore and the school administrations have addressed the policy on multiple settings at the beginning of the fall camp.


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The University of San Diego has said that there were no physical injuries reported and have shared the investigation with the San Diego Police Department.


According to Fox 5 San Diego, the University of San Diego immediately suspended football activities but have allowed the remaining players to resume practice on Wednesday under close guidance of the university’s coaching staff.


The University of San Diego said that it has provided the San Diego Police Department with the results of the preliminary investigation, and an outside force will begin an independent review regarding the incident. The University of San Diego also add that the initial disciplinary actions only pertained to the athletic participation and that further disciplinary actions could ensue.


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