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Here are the Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Boise for 2023

Boise Crime Rate and Statistics (Photos: NeighborhoodScout)

There isn’t much of a poor area of Boise, I was told when I first came there. In Boise, it was claimed to me that every neighborhood was secure.

Downtown Boise viewed down Capitol Blvd from the 1925 train station with foothills in background (Photo: Istock)

According to 107.9 Lite FM, Boise is among the safest cities in the nation. That doesn’t imply that you ought to leave your car running when you park. It doesn’t imply that you should go for a nighttime stroll by yourself in low light.

This week, when I watched the Netflix movies Night Stalker and Hotel Cecil, I made the decision to do some research. I was trying to locate the riskiest area of Boise. These particulars come from NeighborhoodScout. Remember that the neighborhood in Boise with the highest crime rate is still superior than some of the average regions in major cities like Los Angeles. Even so, it was quite startling to learn that one neighborhood in particular was right up there with some of those bigger, more notoriously violent towns.

Morris Hill is the most dangerous area of Boise. The crime index for Morris Hill is 24. It is thus safer than 24% of all American areas. The violent crime index for Morris Hill is 27, which is one of the most startling statistics. To put that into perspective, Idaho has a 1 in 440 likelihood of violent crime victimization rate. Your likelihood rises to 1 in 182 in Morris Hill.

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These areas perform well below average for the city and state as well as where most people would expect them to.

According to the article from Area Vibes, here are Boise’s most hazardous districts for 2023. Based on each neighborhood’s violent crime rate per 100,000 residents in comparison to the violent crime rate in Boise, the rankings are determined. Assault, robbery, rape, and murder are all examples of violent crimes. Based on information from the local law enforcement agency and, when unavailable, projections based on demographic information, the most dangerous neighborhoods in Boise have been identified.

  1. Pioneer
  2.  Harris Ranch
  3. Sunrise Rim
  4. Veteran Park
  5. East End
  6. Sunset
  7. West Bench
  8. Hillcrest
  9.  Central Rench
  10. Vista

The Boise State region is a little bit safer. With a crime rate rating of 27, it is safer than 27% of all American communities. In this neighborhood, your chances of becoming a victim of a violent crime are 1 in 280.

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