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High School Teacher, Baseball Coach is Charged With Indecent Sexual Contacts With Minors in Pennsylvania

Daniel Waters
Daniel Waters, a high school teacher and baseball coach, was charged. (Photo: CBS)

A high school teacher and baseball coach was charged with multiple felonies for alleged sexual contact with minors that involved students and players.

Daniel Waters

Daniel Waters, a high school teacher and baseball coach, was charged. (Photo: CBS)

High School Teacher and Baseball Coach Was Charged with Indecent Sexual Contacts With Minors

Daniel Waters, 57 years old, is a high school teacher and a baseball coach from Chester Upland School District. He was charged with multiple felonies and indecent sexual contact with minors involving his student and players. The District officials said that the incident was alarming and deeply concerning.

In a published article in FOX News, Daniels will also face the following charges:

  • corruption of minors
  • endangering the welfare of children
  • firearms charges and other related charges

Meanwhile, the School District officials said that there is an ongoing investigation and they respect the process. Likewise, Pennsylvania State Police is asking any victims of Daniels to report to them.

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School District Released a Statement

According to a published article in The Philadephia Inquirer, the school district posted on its social media account stating, “We share in the shock and disappointment that you may be experiencing. This incident is both alarming and deeply concerning.”

They also added, “It is important to emphasize that such behavior is absolutely unacceptable and goes against the values and expectations we uphold within our school district. We are committed to protecting the well-being of our students, and we are taking this matter very seriously.”

Furthermore, the School District vows that it will cooperate with the authorities as the investigation continues to resolve the crime.

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