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Inflation Reduction Act 2023 1-Year Progress Targets Tax Evaders with Revised IRS Services and Technology

Inflation Reduction Act Improved Services ({Photo: Dreamstime)

The Inflation Reduction Act modernization activities have been ongoing for a year, and the IRS has made great headway toward its objectives.

Inflation Reduction Act (Photo: IStock)

According to the article from My Chesco, the Paperless Processing Initiative will also enable taxpayers to reply to an additional 51 forms and letters online, scanning 225 times as many forms as it did in 2022.  Additionally, by effectively enhancing its customer callback option, the IRS is now able to provide it to up to 95% of callers who are in need of live assistance, which eliminates the need for lengthy hold times during peak call volume.

The IRS provided significantly better service during the 2023 filing season thanks to resources provided by the Inflation Reduction Act. On its primary taxpayer support line, the IRS attained an 87% Level of Service rating.

By the end of the 2023 filing season, the IRS had handled 3 million more calls, reduced phone hold times from 28 minutes to three, assisted 140,000 more taxpayers in person, digitized 80 times as many returns as in 2022 thanks to new scanning technology, processed all of the unprocessed 2022 individual tax returns without any errors, introduced two new digital tools, and made a new direct-deposit refund option available to taxpayers who filed amended returns.

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To reduce paper backlogs and speed refunds, a new paperless processing project will scan 225 times more returns than it will in 2022.

According to the article from WoltersKluver, tax professionals and taxpayers now have new online filing choices and the ability to react to notices online. Responses were only accepted by snail mail up to filing season 2023, when notices for things like document verification were received. An important improvement for the 2023 tax season would be to allow online responses to 10 of the most frequent notices for credits like the earned income and health insurance tax credits.

This capacity is now available to the agency for 51 more IRS notices and letters. In the upcoming weeks, recipients of these amended IRS notifications and letters will get instructions directing them to the proper upload facility.

The IRS also introduced an online site for businesses to use to submit form 1099 series information returns electronically during the 2023 filing season. These forms were originally required to be mailed in.

The experience of tax professionals and taxpayers is improved by new voice and chatbots.
IRS provided new voice and chatbots to assist with a variety of problems, including account security. These new self-service choices are open every day of the year.

Extending in-person assistance to underserved taxpayers in remote areas.
In addition to beginning a special series of events to assist taxpayers living in places remote from the agency’s physical offices, the IRS has employed over 700 staff to open or reopen 42 Taxpayer Assistance Centers across the nation.

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