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Inter Miami CF is on Historic Pace in Pursuit of MLS Cup Playoffs


Reaching the end of the MLS season, teams are pushing for playoff positions while looking over their shoulders at the Inter Miami CF side.


The Inter Miami CF has been unstoppable and likely to make it to the postseason.


According to CBS Sports, the Inter Miami CF have been unstoppable since they added Lionel Messi to the ranks averaging a 2.5 points per game in league play since the MLS All Star Game. If the Inter Miami CF continues with their pace, not only will it likely to see them secure a playoff, but it could be possible to see them have one of the larges points per game increase in MLS history from before the break to after it.


While it is a moving target since the midseason break happens at a different time each season, and MLS sides also play an imbalance schedule, it is currently held by the 2018 Seattle Sounders with a 1.30 PPG jump. For added context, Inter Miami CF currently are on a 1.88 PPG jump. Each team to have one of the top increases in league history has made MLS Cup Playoffs and Inter Miami CF could make it six for six.


On average, the line for the 9th place over the last seasons was 43.3 points per game, Inter Miami CF currently has 28, if they stay at their pace they will reach 43 points. However, Inter Miami CF has yet to lose especially with Messi in the fold, so the aim may be higher.

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With Inter Miami CF gaining steam, they could create a tough challenge for the one seed which will likely be FC Cincinnati. 


How many teams will make it the MLS Playoffs? Heading into the season, the playoff picture expanded from seven teams to nine. The eighth and ninth placed teams will square off in a wild card round before pitted against the one seed in the conference. The new format will see each side play in a best of three series, so if Inter Miami CF would make the first round, they will get a home game while potentially playing two games away vs the top seed.


But where does the team stack up against the rest of the league in the remaining games? One of the biggest takeaway from breaking down the remaining games is that most of the schedules are balanced. 9 of 15 teams have strength schedule between 6th and 9th despite not having the same remaining amount of games.


Inter Miami CF are a team falling into the in between although they have a benefit of facing Charlotte FC twice before the close of the season. CF Montreal are a side that will feel hard done with the hardest path to retaining their Playoff post which is something that the Inter Miami CF hopes there is another team that they can pass. 

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