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Iowa Man Drowned a Newborn Child in a Bathtub Pleads Guilty, Mother Awaits Trial

Iowa Man
Iowa Man pleaded guilty of drowning a newborn baby. (Photo: Law & Crime)

An Iowa man pleaded guilty to the murder charges filed against him for drowning a newborn child in a bathtub while the mother awaits trial.

Iowa Man

Iowa Man pleaded guilty of drowning a newborn baby. (Photo: Law & Crime)

Iowa Man Pleaded Guilty of Drowning a Newborn Child

An Iowa man identified as Brandon Thoma, 31 years old, pleaded guilty to drowning a newborn child in a bathtub last year. He entered a plea for abuse of a corpse and child endangerment resulting in the death of the newborn child.

In a published article in TRUE CRIME DAILY, Thoma was originally charged with murder. It was found during the investigation that he wrapped the deceased body of the newborn baby in trash bags, placed her in a plastic tote, and carried it outside in a backpack.

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Mother Awaits Trial

According to a published article in WHO13, the mother of the child named Taylor Blaha has been charged with first-degree murder and she is waiting for her trial scheduled in September. During the investigation, Blaha told the officers that she just had a baby in her home and was buried in an undisclosed area.

However, the human remains of the baby was not found after her confessions. She told the police officers different places where the baby was buried but they were unsuccessful in recovering the baby’s body. Furthermore, the baby’s body was reportedly not found until today.

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