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Is There a More Advantageous Candidate for China and America than Biden or Trump in the Upcoming US Presidential Election?

Gavin Newsom

In connection to the relationship between China and America, China is undoubtedly interested in developments in Washington as the US presidential election nears. Sino-US ties have evolved under both Joe Biden and Donald Trump.


People are analyzing who would be a better president of the United States between Biden and Trump, or if anyone else is on the list, as the election approaches.

During the Obama administration, there was a greater focus on China’s intention to undermine American hegemony and bring an end to the unipolar world, but in 2016, Trump took advantage of growing anti-Chinese sentiment to inflame tensions by starting a trade war between the countries of China and America.

And about tariffs of China and America, his tariffs on China, however, also penalized American consumers and producers. To help American farmers recover from their losses, Trump was compelled to give them billions in new subsidies.

According to an article by Thomas O. Falk on myNEWS, the Republican Party is all-in against China, which is a crucial development because Trump and the party can be expected to promote anti-China policies even if doing so is detrimental to American interests, as long as doing so pleases their voter base.

For China and America, it must be assumed that he will be an even bigger China hawk, if Trump wins the presidency again next year.

The unpredictable nature of Trump is crucial. He is neither a pragmatist nor an idealist. Would it surprise anyone if he decided to break off diplomatic ties between China and America one day? Most likely not

Most importantly, if Trump were to win a second term without having to worry about any more elections, he might go bonkers. Despite claiming to have won the previous election, he has also charged China with orchestrating a scheme to prevent his reelection by exploiting the Covid-19 pandemic.

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When it comes to the connection between leaders of China and America, Biden hasn’t exactly been the friendliest president toward China. He initially referred to Chinese President Xi Jinping as a dictator throughout his election campaign.

According to an article by Douglas E. Schoen on The Hill, though for very different reasons, Trump’s situation is very similar to that of Democrats, who are secretly debating whether Vice President Kamala Harris is capable of leading the country if President Joe Biden is disqualified from running for reelection due to age, fitness, or the controversy involving his son Hunter.

In recent weeks, things have cooled down, in part because senior US officials have met with their Chinese counterparts for what look to be fruitful discussions about China and America and these countries’ interactivity.

China and America are one of the leading nations in the world. They have strong influences to the other countries.

Presidential elections in these countries are very important inasmuch as leaders can make decisions that may strengthen or weaken the relationship between China and America.

Popular California Governor Gavin Newsom may be the Democrats’ savior because surveys indicate that Americans don’t want Biden or Trump to run for office again.

A Newsom campaign might also be advantageous for China and America given his pro-China position and the potential for a resetting of Sino-US relations.

Newsom has generally taken a favorable posture toward China. While serving as governor of California, he has pushed for even closer links between California and China on climate change and clean energy. As mayor of San Francisco, he praised and was “proud” of his city’s relationship with China.

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