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Jury Begins Deliberations of Tim Mapes, an Ex-Madigan Aide, in Perjury Trial.

Former Madigan Chief of Staff Tim Mapes. (Photo: HanilaCorner)

Jurors began deliberating in the trial of Tim Mapes, former Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan’s longtime chief of staff, who is accused of lying under oath to a grand jury to protect his boss.

Tim Mapes goes on Trial for perjury. (Photo: BrightspotCDN)

According to CBSNEWS, following more than two weeks of testimony, prosecutors and defense attorneys delivered their closing statements on Wednesday at the Dirksen Federal Courthouse as jury begins deliberation.

According to federal authorities, Mapes had a mantra: “protect the boss,” and he lied regularly to do so. According to Mapes’ defense, “protect the boss” meant only safeguarding Madigan from political fallout.

The prosecution claimed Mapes, who served as Speaker Madigan’s top aide for more than 25 years, lied about the nature of Madigan’s long-term relationship with his longstanding confidant Michael McClain, claiming Mapes knew McClain, a lobbyist and close Madigan buddy, did work for the former speaker.

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McClain was convicted earlier this year in the so-called “Com-Ed Four” trial, accused of conspiring to bribe Madigan in exchange for his support for legislation advantageous to ComEd.

According to the article from Chicago Suntimes, Mapes worked as Madigan’s chief of staff for nearly two decades, until Madigan forced him to retire in June 2018 over bullying and harassment allegations. Then, as a federal probe closed in on Madigan, Mapes found himself before a grand jury in March 2021, with an immunity order.

Prosecutors claim he lied on seven separate occasions that day regarding work done for Madigan by another Springfield insider, McClain. They also claim he lied about a number of other issues.

McClain and three others were convicted earlier this year of conspiring to bribe Madigan in order to benefit ComEd. He will also stand trial in April alongside Madigan in a second case in which they are both accused with racketeering conspiracy. Madigan was not charged until March 20, 2022.

Closing arguments in Mapes’ case began on Wednesday, as his trial entered its third week. Assistant US Attorney Julia Schwartz took the floor first, saying that Mapes decided to tell “brazen” and “preposterous” lies rather than become a “star witness” in the investigators’ investigation.

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