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What are the Most Dangerous Places in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma City at Night. (Photo: WallpaperCave)

Every state has more dangerous areas than others, and the Sooner State is no exception, as there are various unsafe areas to avoid in Oklahoma.

Overview of Oklahoma City (Photo: WallpaperCave)

According to the article from ONLYINYOURSTATE, the following ten locations in Oklahoma are some of the most dangerous places, ranges from intersections to neighborhoods to tornado-prone zones.

1. I-44 Tornado Corridor

The I-44 Tornado Corridor was named one of the most dangerous areas on the earth by Popular Mechanics Magazine. There have been about 140 tornadoes in the region since the early 1900s. As a tornado blows across the neighborhood, these cars seek shelter behind an overpass on the I-44 highway.

2. The 5-Mile Stretch of I-35 between SE 15th St and NE 36th St in Oklahoma City

According to the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, this section of highway is the most dangerous in the state. Every year, many people are killed in car accidents on this highway. 15 persons were killed in car accidents along this road between 2007 and 2012, according to data. Driver inattention is the leading cause of these accidents.

3. Broken Arrow Expressway at Memorial Drive in Tulsa

The crossroads of the Broken Arrow Expressway and Memorial Drive is Tulsa’s most dangerous. The road has a high volume of traffic every day, and several injuries have happened along the Broken Arrow Expressway and Memorial Drive exits. Two more crossings on the Broken Arrow Expressway, at Sheridan Road and Lewis Avenue, are also on our list of the most dangerous places in Oklahoma, earning this highway the top spot on our list of the most dangerous places in Oklahoma.

4. Carter County

Find the Home examined the FBI’s 2014 Crime Report and compiled a list of the top 30 most dangerous counties in the United States. The information was based on violent crime rates, which included murder. Carter County was ranked #22 on the list of America’s most hazardous counties. The rate of violent crimes per 100,000 persons is 938.1, while the number of documented violent crimes is 453.

5. On I-240 between the Will Rogers Airport and South Eastern Ave

Between 2007 and 2012, 14 people were killed on Oklahoma City’s second-worst route. The Oklahoma Department of Transportation advises drivers to stay vigilant and maintain their eyes on the road at all times.

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Everything is not ‘okie dokie’ in Oklahoma, and RoadSnacks has compiled a list of the state’s most dangerous locations to prove it.

6. The Lakes

One of the most gorgeous spots in our state is also one of the most dangerous. Every year, several drownings occur at various lakes throughout the state. The lakes are not only dangerous, but they can also be fatal. Kaw Lake, Oologah Lake, Sooner Lake, and Eufaula Lake are at the top of the list of deadly lakes. Tree stumps, sandbars, and shallow water loaded with sticks or rocks are all hazards. Please remember to never swim alone, to be aware of danger zones, and to always wear a life jacket.

7. E Mohawk Blvd and N Cincinnati Ave in North Tulsa

Based on data from the FBI and local law enforcement, Neighborhood Scout compiled a list of the top 25 most dangerous neighborhoods in the country. This North Tulsa area ranked ninth on the list. What are your chances of becoming a victim of a violent crime in this neighborhood? One in 13.

8. NE 36th St and N Martin Luther King Ave in Oklahoma City

NE 36th St and N Martin Luther King Ave in Oklahoma City were also listed on the list of the 25 worst neighborhoods in the United States. Half of the families in this community are below the poverty level. And your chances of being a victim are one in twelve. It’s not unexpected that this is one of Oklahoma City’s terrible neighborhoods.

9. Midwest City

According to the Movoto Real Estate blog, Midwest City is the most dangerous suburb in Oklahoma and the fourth most dangerous in the country. According to their data, one out of every 17 persons will be a victim of a crime. On the plus side, Midwest City has the fourth lowest violent crime rate of any city in their top ten list.

10. East 71st St and S Mingo Rd in Tulsa

Tulsa’s second-most dangerous intersection is located here. This busy crossroads has an accident every few days due to the surrounding mall, Union School traffic, and hospitals. In 2015, 94 of those accidents were handled by police.

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