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Suspect of King Von Murder Drops Rap Song After Charges Were Withdrawn

King Von

Timothy Leeks, the alleged suspect of King Von murder, has had the felony murder charges against him withdrawn

King Von shot

This past weekend, YouTuber Mickey Truth initially broke the latest King Von murder news, which has now been confirmed by Leeks’ attorney.

On August 20 (Sunday), Noah Pines said in XXL, that before an indictment could be made, the case against Mr. Leeks for the King Von murder was dismissed.

After the withdrawn case for the King Von murder, a new song called “Left A Stain” was released on Monday by Leeks, a.k.a. rapper Lul Tim, where he spoke about being vindicated on the track after the prosecution decided he acted in self-defense the night of the fatal incident.

Lul Tim’s song lyrics include:

“Just got a collect call from new Pluto yesterday

He said he on the way, we steady catchin’ place

I told him ’bout my good news, I’m ’bout to beat this case

I really came from the bottom, I feel like I’m Drake”

Dayvon Bennett a.k.a King Von, a 26-year-old rapper, was one of three people fatally shot inside the Monaco Hookah Lounge after a verbal altercation turned violent at around 4 a.m. resulting in the King Von murder incident.

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King Von murder took place outside an Atlanta hookah lounge on November 6, 2020 amid a fight between his entourage and rival rapper Quando Rondo, Leeks, and a group of men.

Von reportedly had no weapons and three more shooting victims were brought to the hospital.

Two cops, one on-duty and one-off duty, attempted to break up the fight that resulted to King Von murder after.

Leeks was detained the following day and charged with felony murder in relation to the King Von murder, but he was released in March 2021 after paying a $100,000 bond.

After the King Von murder incident on November 6, 2020, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has been given the case. The Fulton County D.A.’s office will analyze the GBI’s conclusions after the inquiry is finished.

You can watch the newly released song of the alleged suspect of King Von murder on YouTube.

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