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Robert Quinn Detained on Hit and Run Charges in South Carolina

hit and run

Quinn, a resident of Ladson, South Carolina, turned himself in to the Summerville Police Department and faces Hit and Run charges.

Robert Quinn (photo from Yahoo Sports)

Following a hit-and-run in South Carolina on Friday morning, NFL free agent defensive end Robert Quinn turned himself in to police and is now faces Hit and Run charges.

Due to the incident, Quinn is now currently facing Hit and Run charges.

The 33-year-old player has previously played for the Philadelphia Eagles, the Rams, the Miami Dolphins, the Dallas Cowboys, and the Chicago Bears.

Following a midseason move from Chicago, he most recently made six appearances with Philadelphia during the previous campaign.

According to an incident report that NBC affiliate WCBD got, Quinn is charged of smashing a Ford F-150 truck into four unoccupied cars, a gate, and other objects on Tuesday in Summerville, South Carolina. Local police additionally reported that one person who reported the incident’s property damage also claimed Quinn had assaulted her.

Police further said that before they arrived, Quinn went away from the site on foot and left his damaged car which an empty bottle of Crown Royal Apple was later found, making him face Hit and Run charges.

After being detained on Friday, Quinn appeared at a bond hearing in Summerville Municipal Court. Quinn was given bond by the judge, but the alleged incident has led to seven Hit and Run charges against him.

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The Hit and Run charges made Quinn to be detained.

Robert Quinn, a famous sports player, faces Hit and Run charges as he assaulted another person and leaving his damaged car on site of the incident.

According to Dorchester County (S.C.) public records, free-agent defensive end Robert Quinn has been charged by Summerville, South Carolina, police with Hit and Run charges including third-degree assault and battery and hit-and-run with property damage.

Crimes like this deserve to be addressed with Hit and Run charges and to give justice to the one who is assaulted or is the victim of the hit-and-run.

The fact that Quinn was detained on these Hit and Run charges serves as a reminder of the catastrophic effects that carelessness may have. Hit-and-run instances expose a lack of accountability and a disrespect for other people’s safety in addition to breaking traffic regulations.

When driving, we need to be taking care of ourselves as well as considerate of others’ safety.

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