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Large Amount of Data on TikTok Raises Concerns Over U.S.-China Conflict

The Senate committee deliberated on China's acquisition of a substantial volume of TikTok data and the associated dangers it presents. Dr. Glenn Tiffert voiced apprehensions about its potential utilization during a conflict, emphasizing China's aspirations in the realm of data and past efforts to tackle this matter. (Photo: forbes)

Senate Committee Explores China’s Access to Large Amount of Data and Its National Security Implications

The Senate committee discussed China’s access to a large amount of data in Tiktok and the potential risks it poses, with Dr. Glenn Tiffert expressing concern over its use in a conflict, highlighting China’s data ambitions and previous attempts to address the issue. (Photo: wsj)

Senate Committee Examines China’s Access to Large Amount of Data via TikTok and National Security Concerns

According to, The Senate committee delved into the potential threat posed by China’s access to large amount of data collected through the Chinese-owned app TikTok. Dr. Glenn Tiffert, an authority on China’s political and legal history, expressed grave concerns about the communist government’s ability to exploit this large amount of data against the United States in a conflict.

He emphatically underlined that such a scenario was not just “absolutely terrifying” but also entirely plausible, given China’s potential to deploy algorithms strategically to undermine U.S. resolve in a conflict situation.

Tiffert underscored China’s active endeavors in collecting and securing large amount of data, with the objective of establishing the world’s most extensive repository of data for potential future use by the Chinese Communist Party. He emphasized that China’s comprehensive data security legislation empowers the nation to gather global data comprehensively without any risk of leakage to other nations.

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Concerns Over China’s Access to a Large Amount of Data and TikTok’s Controversy

The witness stressed the critical importance of maintaining constant vigilance concerning China’s ambitions regarding this large amount of data which carry profound global implications. While both the U.S. and other nations have imposed restrictions on TikTok’s usage on official devices due to legitimate concerns about data security it’s crucial to note that TikTok’s owner ByteDance has consistently asserted that it does not share large amount of data with the Chinese government.

Nevertheless, it’s worth recalling that former President Donald Trump initiated attempts to ban new downloads of the app in 2020. Unfortunately, these efforts faced substantial legal challenges. Senator Mark Warner expressed deep regret that decisive action wasn’t taken earlier to address these concerns recognizing the complexity of dealing with the issue at this juncture.

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