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Lotto 47 Ticket Worth $8.75 Million Won by Michigan Resident

This jackpot prize is the ninth largest in history. (Photo:

The winning Lotto 47 ticket has the numbers 17-16-18-27-39-40.

This jackpot prize is the ninth largest in history. (Photo:

Lotto 47 gave away a jackpot worth $8.75 million, the ninth largest in lotto history. A Michigan resident has purchased a Lotto 47 ticket on Saturday night, according to Michigan Lottery.

According to USA Today, a Michigan resident has purchased on Saturday night in Kentwood, a Lotto 47 ticket that was worth $8.75 million. The winner of the multi-million-dollar Lotto 47 ticket has quite some time to purchase their prize as Lotto 47 tickets are valid for one year of the drawing date.

This jackpot given away by Lotto 47 was the ninth largest in history. The largest jackpot that was ever won was split between two players – one in Iona and one in Oakland – in November 2020, worth $23.3 million.

Lotto 47 winnings have already been claimed three times this 2023, with the most recent win was by a Man from Oakland on April 1. The man has won a jackpot prize of $4.38 million.

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This is the third time this year that a lottery winner has won the Lotto 47 jackpot prize. 

According to Michigan Live, the lucky winner of the Lotto 47 ticket bought their ticket at Paris Spirits and Wine, located at 2871 east Paris Southeast in Kentwood. With a little over four months that remain in 2023, this jackpot prize is the largest that was won in Michigan this year. 

The winner of the ticket should contact the Michigan Lottery’s Player Relations division at 1-844-887-6836 to schedule an appointment to claim their prize.

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