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Man Strikes It Rich with $117,175 Fast Play Lottery Win at Charlotte Hall’s Wawa Store

Photo: Louisiana Lottery

Man Strikes It Rich with $117,175 Fast Play Lottery Win at Charlotte Hall’s Wawa Store

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Maryland Lottery player, winning a $117,175 progressive jackpot in the FAST PLAY Lottery Big Money Doubler game (Photo: The Franchise King)

83-Year-Old Retired Electrician Can’t Believe Winning Jackpot in FAST PLAY Lottery Game

According to Baynet News, In Charlotte Hall, Maryland, a dedicated Maryland Lottery player expressed astonishment upon realizing he had won a $117,175 progressive jackpot in the FAST PLAY Big Money Doubler game, a popular FAST PLAY Lottery variant. The 83-year-old retired electrician, who has a fondness for various Lottery games, with FAST PLAY and Keno being his favorites, achieved his most significant Lottery prize to date when he made a pit stop at a Charlotte Hall Wawa store on August 15th.

That day, he purchased a $5 Big Money Doubler ticket from the FAST PLAY Lottery, which turned out to hold one of the game’s progressive jackpots, valued at $117,175.

“I couldn’t believe it. I had to double-check and showed it to my wife and son to make sure, and we all celebrated,” recounted the fortunate winner, who has chosen to maintain his anonymity and goes by the pseudonym “Johnny Carson.”

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Big Dreams for ‘Johnny Carson’: Maryland Lottery Winner Plans Future Wins with FAST PLAY Lottery Jackpot Fortune

According to Yahoo News, When asked about his plans for the prize money, he chuckled and mentioned that his wife has compiled a list of items they intend to purchase together. Furthermore, “Johnny Carson” expressed his intention to continue participating in the Maryland Lottery, with hopes of securing another substantial victory in the FAST PLAY lottery.

Meanwhile, the retailer in St. Mary’s County, Wawa #588, situated at 30320 Three Notch Road in Charlotte Hall, also emerges as a victor in this story. They are set to receive a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery for vending a FAST PLAY lottery ticket that awarded a prize of $100,000 or more.

As for the $5 Big Money Doubler game ticket, it features a progressive jackpot that starts at $40,000 and grows with each ticket purchase until someone clinches the jackpot. This particular win marks the game’s third progressive jackpot winner since its introduction in January 2023. Notably, there are still 12 progressive jackpot prizes up for grabs, along with 17 prizes of $5,000, 65 prizes of $1,000, and thousands of additional prizes ranging from $10 to $500 in the FAST PLAY lottery.

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