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Most Dangerous Areas In New Orleans 2023

Bourbon St, New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo: IStock)

In the same league as Miami and Nashville, New Orleans is renowned for having one of the best nightlife and party scenes in the South. Living in a secure neighborhood with no violence is crucial for many people who want to relocate to the city.

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA Downtown Skyline Aerial (Photo: IStock)

According to the article from Property Club, statistics show that, outside of a few tourist districts, New Orleans is a rather dangerous city. With 5,864 incidents per 100,000 residents, the crime rate is 150 percent higher than the national average. A resident’s chance of becoming a victim of any crime is 1 in 18. With around 150 murders on average year from 2014 through 2022, violent crime in New Orleans is likewise fairly high.

In this post, we’ll talk about the city’s crime statistics and list the top ten riskiest areas in New Orleans.

1. Pines Village

Pines Village is the most hazardous area of New Orleans. Pines Village, which has a population of 3,100, has a crime rate that is 289% higher than the state average and 469% more than the national average. Shootings and gang violence are frequent in Pines Village, which has an especially high rate of violent crime. The likelihood of a citizen becoming a victim of a violent crime is 1 in 10 overall.

2. West Lake Forest

West Lake Forest is yet another violent district in New Orleans. There are 4,200 people living in this region, and they are primarily from the working class and impoverished. The overall crime rate exceeds the national average by 423%. Hurricane Katrina severely damaged West Lake Forest; as a result of many post-storm redevelopment initiatives, the neighborhood has marginally improved but is still a risky area of New Orleans.

3. Central City

One more of New Orleans’ most violent areas is Central City. There are 13,000 people living there, and its crime rate is 420% greater than the national average. The rate of violent crime is very high on its own, and gang involvement and the drug trade are major contributors. Central City is situated directly above the New Orleans Central Business area, near the lower end of Uptown.

4. Desire

One of the most violent neighborhoods in New Orleans is The Desire Projects. With nearly 1,860 apartments spread across 98.5 acres of land, they are some of the biggest housing projects in the US and are situated in New Orleans’ Ninth Ward. One of New Orleans’s poorest and least-served neighborhoods is known as Desire. The overall crime rate exceeds the national average by 383%.

5. Saint Claude

With a population of 6,562 and a crime rate of 11,087 per 100,000, Saint Claude is 373% more violent than the typical American city and 215% more violent than the average Louisianan city. Shootings are frequent in Saint Claude and frequently associated with drug use and gang activities. A resident’s likelihood of falling victim to any kind of crime is one in ten.

6. Sevent Ward

With a population of 10,552 and a crime rate of 10,995 per 100,000, the Seventh Ward has a crime rate that is 369% greater than the national average. A resident’s likelihood of falling victim to any kind of crime is one in ten. The Seventh Ward has long struggled with issues brought on by poverty; the average yearly income in this area is about $21,520.

7. Saint Roch

The crime rate in Saint Roch, which has a population of 6,398 people, is 365% greater than the national average. Murders, robberies, and assaults are among the many violent crimes that are prevalent in Saint Roch. Property crime is considerably more prevalent, with car thefts and break-ins being the most frequent types. The police in this neighborhood do not feel like they are protecting the locals, and shootings are frequent.

8. Venetian Isles

A small yet deadly area of New Orleans is called Venetian Isles. Despite only having 983 residents, it has a crime rate that is 314% greater than both the national and New Orleans averages. The majority of the Venetian Isles neighborhood is unoccupied as a result of being miles away from the city amid undeveloped territory.

9. Florida Area

The Desire Project and the Florida Project were recognized as the most hazardous housing developments in the country in 1994. Since then, crime has decreased somewhat in the Florida Area, although it is still 296% more than the national average. With a little over 1,400 residents, there is a 1 in 11 risk that someone will become a victim of crime.

10. Lower 9th Ward

There are 5,560 people living in Lower 9th Ward, where the crime rate is 265% greater than the national average. The Lower 9th and Desire are two of the many areas that make up New Orleans’ vast 9th Ward. The Industrial Canal runs down the majority of the Lower 9th Ward.

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Looking at the most recent data on general crime rates for various neighborhoods has been our strategy for locating the most dangerous areas in New Orleans.

According to the article Travel Snippet, that is the main topic of this manual. It provides information on the less desirable neighborhoods of the city—the places we don’t think you should be so eager to have on your schedule alongside the opulent Garden District and the French Quarter.

This has made it easier for us to determine which areas are excellent and which are not, but it still doesn’t give the full picture because some areas might have just seen one or two terrible years while others might be improving.

The northern region of the city, spanning the Marigny neighborhood between the huge estuary waters of Lake Pontchartrain and the bends of the Mississippi River, is home to several of the most dangerous areas in New Orleans that tourists should be aware of. Some, like Florida, we’d advise completely avoiding because there aren’t really any POIs there that make the added risk worthwhile. Others, like the food halls of Saint Roch or the art galleries of Saint Claud, do offer some interesting things to see and do, but you will need to exercise extra caution if you decide to go there.

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