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NBA Super Teams: No Longer Built for One-team Stars


It is an all-in era in the NBA, and as these NBA super teams are finding, you only get one all-in.


The paradox of modern roster-construction is that NBA super teams need to do everything to keep their stars happy, but by doing so, it eventually prevents these NBA super teams happy down the line. 


According to CBS Sports, these NBA super teams are finding out that they only have one chance to go all-in. By how this era is played out, the logical endpoint has revealed itself as a combination of both, one can build a NBA super team, and then watch their best player leave for another one when the first have ran its course. It would not be long now until it starts happening to the next crop of stars in these NBA super teams.


There are, of course, exceptions on either end of the age spectrum, however neither have appeared especially replicable. Stephen Curry is the last of a dying breed of this generation’s answer to Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant, and Dirk Nowitzki.


One of these NBA super teams, the San Antonio Spurs, have seemingly predicted these problems and have taken countermeasures. In addition to accumulating a mountain of draft picks by trading their veterans like Dejounte Murray and Derrick White, they have made a point of acquiring pick swaps from diverse group of teams in different years.

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Typical NBA super teams have four tradable first round picks at any given time.


Going all out before jumping back all in might be the next stage of these NBA super teams. The present might end soon, almost every NBA super teams are on borrowed time, and that clock no longer stops with a mega trade and even a championship. Keeping a player of the curry ilk at this point in NBA history means that winning as consistently as they did, and winning consistent means replenishing talent as quickly as it fades.


The cost of doing it nowadays is simply too high for that to be a sustainable strategy, it might happen in the next 3, 5 years but this means that most of these generation’s NBA super teams’ players are eventually going to change teams. The league is not designed for more Kobes and Dirks no more.

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