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Nebraska Football Player Arrested for Burglary Charges Again


A Nebraska football player was arrested for the second time in the last few weeks for burglary charges.


Nebraska football player, Arik Gilbert was arrested in Lumpkin County, Georgia on Friday for burglary charges. This is the second time in the last few weeks.


According to Clutch Point, the Nebraska football player’s latest arrest was charged with smash and grab burglary. A few weeks earlier he was arrested for allegedly robbing a liquor and vape shop. Gilbert was accused of trying to steal $1,600 worth of merchandise, including cigarettes and vapes.


The Nebraska football player decided to transfer from Georgia to Nebraska and has been waiting for the NCAA to give him eligibility since he is transferring for the second time. The Nebraska football player’s coach Matt Rhule said that he is really disappointed and sad for the player. He added that when they took the Nebraska football player, they have people that helped him through some of the player’s issues. The coach said that the Nebraska football player had some struggles but is trying to overcome them.


Arik Gilbert went to LSU in 2020 as one of the best tight ends in his recruiting class. He transferred to Georgia in the 2021 season. He did not receive much playing time while he was in Georgia for personal reasons.

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The arrest happened in Lumpkin County, roughly 70 miles north of where Gilbert was from. 


According to Fox News on, the Nebraska football player’s first charges, police were dispatched to  liquor and vape shop at 2 am, police saw the Nebraska football player walking towards the exit carrying a bag, after they fund a glass door shattered with large chunks of cement from the parking lot.


The Lumpkin County Sheriff’s Office has not responded to a request to send records of the arrest of the Nebraska football player.

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