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New York Jets Player Garrett Wilson Responds to Joe Namath’s Zach Wilson Criticism


During his appearance, the New York Jets player was asked about Namath’s criticism of Wilson’s play.


The New York Jets player, Garrett Wilson, fired back at the Hall of Fam quarterback Joe Namath’s criticism of Zach Wilson, when he appeared on ESPN New York Bart & Hahn Show.


According to Sports Illustrated, the New York Jets player came to the defense of the starting quarterback and hopes that his teammate would use Namath’s words as an ammunition to prove the doubters wrong.


The New York Jets player said that they love Joe, but he hopes that they can find a way to use what he said as an ammunition, and one day, Joe Namath can admit that he was wrong. On Monday, Joe Namath called Zach Wilson’s performance in Week 3 awful and disgusting, while suggesting the club to trade Wilson.


While recognizing that people are entitled to their own opinion, the New York Jets player hopes that his team can find a way to make Namath eat his own words.

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Zach Wilson, who ranks as one of the worst quarterbacks in nearly every passing category, sports a dismal 8-14 record in three seasons with the team.


The New York Jets player said that he gets the reality of the game that they play, and that people are entitled to their opinions. Like he said, they love Joe Namath and Zach too, and that they are confident with Zach.

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