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New York SNAP Benefits: Food Banks and Advocates Push to Increase Minimum Assistance Amid Rising Hunger

Photo: Spectrum News

New York SNAP Benefits: Food Banks and Advocates Push to Increase Minimum Assistance Amid Rising Hunger

Food stamp emergency benefits end today for 28 million Americans - Poynter

New York SNAP Benefits Advocates Push for Increase. (Photo: Poynter)

Advocates Push for Higher New York SNAP Benefits to Combat Hunger

According to Spectrum News, the minimum monthly New York SNAP Benefits provided by the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) stands at a mere $23, a figure widely criticized by hunger advocates as insufficient. FeedingNYS executive director Dan Egan pointed out that New Jersey has recently raised its minimum SNAP benefit to $95, highlighting that New York lags behind in this regard.

In April, Assemblymember Jessica González-Rojas introduced bill A6214, aiming to provide eligible households with a state New York SNAP benefits equal to the difference between their federal SNAP benefit and $95 each month. Despite the absence of a Senate sponsor, Egan remains optimistic about the bill’s prospects.

Egan emphasized a fundamental economic flaw, noting that despite the dynamic and innovative economy in the U.S. in 2023, not everyone benefits from it. While unemployment is down and inflation is in check, wages have failed to keep pace with rising costs, particularly housing and food.

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Rising Hunger Rates Highlight Urgency to Bolster New York SNAP Benefits

State Comptroller – A March report from the state comptroller’s office reinforces the need for higher New York SNAP Benefits, revealing that the hunger rate in the state had climbed to 10.8% by November 2022. New York currently has approximately 2.9 million households enrolled in SNAP, but the enhanced benefits provided during the COVID-19 pandemic are expected to cease next month.

When questioned about the implications of this change, Egan predicted an increase in visits to New York’s food pantries due to the impending reduction in New York SNAP Benefits. He also foresaw parents skipping meals to ensure their children have enough to eat and a greater reliance on school meals by children. Notably, the 2018 Farm Bill, which encompasses SNAP benefits, is scheduled to expire on September 30.

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