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Notorious Mexican Drug Lord, El Chapo Guzman Says His Human Rights are Violated Whilst in Prison

Notorious Mexican drug lord, El Chapo Guzman has released a letter stating he has experienced discrimination inside prison.

El Chapo Guzman is a drug lord sentenced to life prison. (Photo: iStock)

The notorious Mexican drug lord has complained about the treatment he has received at the maximum-security prison in Florez, stating that he is discriminated against, and his human rights are violated.

From the article released by Borderland Beat, the notorious Mexican drug lord, El Chapo Guzman has released a letter complaining about his situation inside the Rocky Mountain Alcatraz prison.

The notorious Mexican drug lord wrote to Judge Brian Coogan, the same judge who sentenced him to life imprisonment. The notorious Mexican drug lord has complained in the letter how he was not given access to the key documents for his case. The notorious Mexican drug lord said in his letter how this was a big discrimination and how his human rights have been violated. 

The notorious Mexican drug lord also stated that his legal representative, Maria Colon, went to the prison on June 20 to deliver him documents but were not given to him by the prison guards as the documents were in Spanish.

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El Chapo Guzman says that everything is consciously in bad faith against him.

The notorious Mexican drug lord’s requested documents are related to a 2255 motion, an instrument where a prisoner in US custody asks to be released on the grounds that their sentence was imposed in violation of the constitutional laws of the country. 

The notorious Mexican drug lord also wrote in his letter how every prisoner has a right to know that they are violated, calling for the intervention of Judge Coogan so that his correspondence is not withheld. The notorious Mexican drug lord complained that since his extradition from Mexico in January 2017, he has been receiving cruel and unjust treatments. The notorious Mexican drug lord also said how his mental and physical health has slowly been deteriorating due to the isolation measures that were subjected to him.

This year. The US justice system has launched a new judicial offensive against the notorious Mexican drug lord’s four heirs, pointing them as the main people responsible for trafficking fentanyl inside the US.

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