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President Biden Administration would veto legislation that affects minority populations and hinders military personnel’s access to reproductive healthcare.

The White House in Washington DC with beautiful blue sky. (Photo: IStock)

The “divisive policy provisions” in the law, such as restrictions on the Pentagon’s abortion travel policy, were criticized by the Biden administration.

White House front view. (IStock)

According to Politico, Right-wing defense funding legislation is expected to be debated on the House floor this week. According to the Biden administration, President Joe Biden would veto the measure.

In a statement explaining its objections, the White House said it “strongly opposes” the Pentagon spending plan and criticized Republicans for inserting conservative policy riders in the bill, such as those on abortion and transgender military personnel.

The Pentagon’s quest for multi-year contracts to increase missile production was among the complaints the administration leveled at House GOP appropriators.

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The bill was amended by House Republicans to restrict financing for the Pentagon’s policy of allowing troops to travel for abortions, as well as for transgender military personnel’s surgery and hormone therapies.

According to the article from Military Times, White House officials declared on Monday that they would advise the president to veto the bill if it somehow made it to his desk because it contains “numerous new, partisan policy provisions with devastating consequences,” including provisions that would harm access to reproductive healthcare, put LGBTQ+ Americans’ health and safety at risk, and prevent the administration “from promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

With less than three weeks left until a federal budget shortfall results in a partial government shutdown, the hostility between the two parties signals another significant difference. Before coming to a short-term or long-term budget agreement, conservative legislators have encouraged their leaders to demand more leniency from the president and the Senate.

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