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President Joe Biden Celebrated Labor Day in Philadelphia Talking About Job Creations and Unions


President Joe Biden touted the importance of organized labor and he applauded the American workers in building the economy during his Labor Day appearance in Philadelphia.

President Joe Biden in Philadelphia Labor Day (Photo:

President Joe Biden spoke to a crowd of union members from diverse industries and focused on the impact that his administration’s policies had on working people. He told the crowd that Labor Day is celebrating union jobs.


According to The Detroit News, President Joe Biden spoke to the crowd how the economy of the US is recovering from the crippling pandemic. He also spoke about what his administration has done for infrastructure improvements, as well as citing the importance of unions in building the middle class.


President Joe Biden is trying to reclaim the ground among working class voters that abandoned the Democrats as the pace of the Republican primary season escalates. Biden told the Philadelphia crowd that this Labor Day is celebrating good paying jobs that can help raise a family on.


President Joe Biden on Monday in Philadelphia repeatedly referred to Trump as the last guy, and likened Trump’s work to that of President Hoover who presided over America as it spiraled into the Great Depression. President Joe Biden said that Trump left the office with fewer jobs in the country than when he got elected to office.

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The Labor Day this year comes against the backdrop of increasingly emboldened various US unions, as well as a potential strike by 146,000 United Auto Workers union members.


According to CBS Philadelphia on MSN, President Joe Biden’s speech came after the news that the US employees added 187,000 jobs in August, a proof of a slowing yet resilient labor market despite the high interest rates that the Federal Reserve has imposed.


President Joe Biden frequently talked about the importance of middle class workers in the US economy, stated that when the middle class is doing well then everyone else is also doing well. The Tri-State Labor Day in Philadelphia boasted hundreds of workers to see President Joe Biden speak.


President Joe Biden has used executive actions in order to promote worker organizing, he also has personally cheered unionization efforts at corporate giants like Amazon and has also authorized federal funding at aid union member’s pensions. He also trumpeted how union labor is building bridges and improving train tunnels as part of the bipartisan $1.1 trillion public works package that the Congress passed back in 2021.

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