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Remnants of Category 5 Hurricane Lee Brings Chaos to New England and Canada

The leftover effects of Hurricane Lee, once classified as a Category 5 hurricane, resulted in power disruptions and unsafe circumstances in Maine and eastern Canada, underscoring the ongoing danger posed by such storms and the influence of climate change on this area (Photo: AP News)

Powerful Category 5 Hurricane Lee’s Aftermath Causes Chaos in New England and Canada

The remnants of Hurricane Lee, previously a Category 5 hurricane, caused power outages and hazardous conditions in Maine and eastern Canada, highlighting the persistent threat of such storms and the impact of climate change in the region (Photo: PBS News Hour)

Effects of Category 5 Hurricane Lee’s Remnants Lead to Power Outages and Tragic Incident

According to, Last Sunday was a challenging day for over 100,000 homes and businesses in Maine and eastern Canada. They were left without power due to fierce winds reaching up to 50 mph, caused by the remnants of Hurricane Lee, which was once a formidable Category 5 hurricane but had now become a post-tropical cyclone. Lee was racing at about 22 mph, centered around 135 miles west of Newfoundland.

While the day progressed, the tropical storm warnings in New England and Canada were finally lifted. However, Maine’s Governor, Janel Mills, remained cautious. She issued a warning about the lingering strong winds, knowing that the saturated ground from recent rains, combined with many tall trees in the region, posed a real risk of fallen trees. Given Lee’s history as a Category 5 hurricane, she earnestly urged residents to prioritize safety and avoid venturing out onto roads obstructed by fallen trees or wires.

Sadly, a tragic incident occurred the day before. A 51-year-old man in Maine lost his life when a massive tree limb fell onto his vehicle, taking live power lines down with it. Emergency workers had to act swiftly, cutting power before they could rescue him. Despite their efforts, he tragically passed away at the hospital. Police Chief Brian Lunt reported this heartbreaking news, serving as a stark reminder of the unpredictability and peril that storms like Hurricane Lee, once a Category 5 hurricane, can bring to our lives.

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Reflections on Category 5 Hurricanes and Their Impact

Forecasters predicted that coastal flooding would decrease on Sunday, and the storm might completely dissipate by Tuesday. Meanwhile, the hurricane center named a new storm, Tropical Storm Nigel, which was expected to become a hurricane on Monday. Fortunately, it was not forecasted to impact the United States, according to

This unexpected reminder of powerful storms like Lee, once a Category 5 hurricane, has made many in New England realize that even in their colder northern waters, such Category 5 hurricanes can still be a threat. Some studies even suggest that climate change might make conditions more favorable for Category 5 hurricanes in the region, potentially bringing stronger winds and more storms

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