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Regardless of Insurance Status, Ohioans Can Rest Easy: COVID-19 Vaccines Remain Accessible for All

All Ohioans, irrespective of their insurance status, have access to the updated COVID-19 vaccine. (Photo: Google)

Uninsured individuals have options for free vaccines.

Dr. Vanderhoff’s assurance highlights Ohio’s commitment to fair vaccine distribution, ensuring everyone can protect themselves from COVID-19, regardless of insurance status. (Photo: Google)

Ohio’s ODH Director, Bruce Vanderhoff, assures COVID-19 vaccinations will be available to all Ohioans, regardless of insurance status. If you’re insured, vaccines are likely covered as preventive health services with no cost.

According to an article published by WFMJ, Ohio Department of Health (ODH) Director, Bruce Vanderhoff, is confident that COVID-19 vaccinations, including the updated versions, will remain accessible to all Ohioans, regardless of their insurance status.

If you have medical insurance, such as Medicare or Medicaid, the vaccines are likely covered as a preventative health service, with no out-of-pocket costs related to insurance status. Those without insurance have multiple avenues to access free vaccines regardless of their insurance status.

The FDA recently approved an updated vaccine designed to better target the prevailing variants, regardless of insurance status. The CDC swiftly recommended this updated vaccine for anyone aged six months or older who hasn’t received a vaccine in the past two months.

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Supplies for the new vaccine are anticipated to reach providers by week’s end, regardless of their insurance status.

According to an article published by Record Herald, the expiration of the COVID-19 public health emergency status in May shifted vaccine distribution dynamics, impacting insurance status considerations. Now, providers purchase vaccines from commercial manufacturers instead of relying solely on the government, affecting insurance status concerns.

However, ODH will still provide free vaccines to eligible children through the federal Vaccine For Children (VFC) program, irrespective of their insurance status.

For uninsured adults, the CDC has established the Bridge Access Program, active until the end of 2024, to help individuals regardless of their insurance status. This initiative collaborates with CVS, Walgreens, and eTrue North Pharmacies, ensuring free vaccine access for those lacking insurance coverage.

Dr. Vanderhoff’s assurance underscores the commitment to equitable vaccine distribution in Ohio, ensuring everyone, regardless of their insurance status, has the opportunity to protect themselves against COVID-19.

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