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Spy for CIA: China Calls Out CIA Again for an Alleged Spy Recruitment

Spy Cases between the US and China

In each of the cases reported this month, it is alleged that Chinese students were sent abroad to be hired by American agencies to spy for CIA before coming back to work for China


The Ministry of State Security, China’s primary counterintelligence organization, declared on Monday that it has detained a person it believes to be a spy for CIA.

It claimed that a 39-year-old official with the last name Hao had been enlisted to work as an American spy for CIA while studying abroad in Japan. However, neither Hao’s sex nor the name of the ministry he served were mentioned.

China rarely openly names other countries or organizations, but this is the second alleged spy case this month in which the ministry said that there is a spy for CIA, the American agency they specifically mentioned.

According to the statement, the US official treated spy for CIA Hao to dinners, sent him gifts, and paid him to assist with the writing of a research paper in order to foster a close relationship.

The national security agency started a review in line with the law after learning about Hao’s espionage actions through inquiry.

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On August 10 this year, the ministry announced that it had detained a 52-year-old worker for a government-owned arms firm who had started working for the CIA while he was a student in Italy, making him an alleged spy for CIA.

The ministry’s new WeChat account posted both examples as China and the US step up their respective counterintelligence initiatives.

According to the ministry’s most current statement, Hao (alleged spy for CIA) met Ted (Taide in Chinese), a representative of the US embassy in Japan, while seeking for a student visa to the US in Japan.

In a statement, it is said that through dinners, gifts, and other interactions, Ted eventually grew to be close with the reported spy for CIA. Ted then requested Hao for writing assistance, promising to pay a fee.

Ted introduced Hao to his colleague Li Jun before he left his position. Hao and Li Jun carried on their collaboration, the Ministry of State Security added.

The counterintelligence further added that Before Hao’s study abroad program was up, Li Jun admitted to being a CIA agent stationed in Tokyo. He then recruited Hao to be a spy for CIA, urging him to work in our country’s main intelligence agencies.

Hao consented, signed a spy agreement with the US, and accepted tests and training.

The document claims that after returning home, Hao started working for an unspecified government and frequently met with CIA agents in China to exchange intelligence and get espionage money.

The ministry then said that it became suspicious and discovered that Hao is an alleged spy for CIA and taking records to investigate.

And in the United States, the House of Representatives said on August 2 it would investigate China’s alleged involvement in intrusions into US Commerce and State department email systems.

The spy case is still under investigation.

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