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Summer in New York is Not Over Yet, 70+ Million People Experience Heat Wave

Scorching Sun

Thursday’s record-breaking September heat wave is suffocating parts of the country, and forecasters are urging anyone who plans to spend time outside to drink water and refrain from excessive activities as summer in New York continues.

Summer Heat

Summer in New York is still giving high Temperatures to the city.

According to the National Weather Service, summer in New York, Texas, and neighboring states will continue to give extreme heat over the weekend. The Mid-Atlantic and Northeast will continue to experience extreme heat through Friday.

The EPA issued A heat advisory on Thursday, affecting over 60 million people in the significant northeastern population centers as summer in New York,  Philadelphia,  Boston, all of east and west Texas, northern Louisiana, southern Arkansas, and southern Mississippi prolongs.

Phoenix, where temperatures are anticipated to reach 110 degrees and above this weekend, and summer in New York, Texas, southeast California, and southern Arizona were all issued excessive heat advisories by the weather service. As of Thursday at noon, an excessive heat warning was in force for about 16 million people.

In San Antonio, Texas, Wednesday was the 70th day since June with temperatures of 100 degrees or more, setting a record for the city. San Antonio’s high temperature on Thursday was predicted to be 103 degrees.

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As kids head back to school, summer in New York in September typically shows signs of fall, with average temperatures in the 70s.

But this week, with a three-day heat wave bringing temperatures 20 degrees higher than typical, the start of the school year has felt more like the conclusion of summer in New York City.

On the last day before public schools begin on Thursday, Vanessa West took two of her kids, Madison, 8, and Deon, 4, to a public pool in Harlem. “This does not feel like back-to-school weather,” she remarked about the scorching in the summer in New York.

The major problem, according to Dr. Schmidt, is that we are still releasing greenhouse gases, and unless that stops, temperatures will continue to rise and heat waves will grow worse. He suggested that steps to reduce the heat, such as planting more trees and painting roofs white, can help.

Over 70 million people were impacted by the recent heat wave in summer in New York City and other large cities, underscoring the critical need to address the effects of extreme heat. We can improve our response to future heat waves by acknowledging the causes, effects, and potential mitigation strategies.

A sustainable and livable future depends on preserving public health, enhancing urban resilience, and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Together, we can overcome the difficulties presented like the heat of continuing summer in New York, and make the world a safer and healthier place for everyone.

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