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The Boston Red Sox will Reportedly Keep Top Prospects in Team


The Boston Red Sox will have to make some pretty important decisions in the following days.


The Boston Red Sox are about to begin a “let the kids play” movement as the postseason hopes are dwindling by the day. There is nearly no chance of the Boston Red Sox to play another meaningful game this year.


According to the Fan Nation of Sports Illustrated, The Boston Red Sox have nearly no chance in winning this year; with that, they might as well see what top prospects are capable of in the final 28 games in this season.


Ceddanne Rafaela, the Boston Red Sox’s number 3 prospect received his first taste of big league action against the Astros this week and will be sticking with his team in Kansas to take on the Royals. With Rafaela’s versatility, it allowed the Boston Red Sox to keep him and outfielder Abreu on the roster.


The Boston Red Sox also reinstated outfielder Wilyer Abreu from the paternity list. David Hamilton was optioned to Triple A Worcester as corresponding move according to the Boston Red Sox.

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While the Boston Red Sox’s postseason hopes are little no none, there are still reasons to watch as the season comes to close.

According to Boston on MSN, the Boston Red Sox will also be able to add 2 more players to their roster. One of the extra slots will go to a pitcher, the other will go to a position player. However, Jarren Duran’s season-ending toe injury has opened another roster, which has been held by prospects, Abreu and Ceddanne Rafaela.


Abreu and Rafaela are not the only prospects who have been called up, David Hamilton is on the club’s roster and has since suited up for the team.


The team could go a variety of ways with these spots, as well as the pitcher spot. The only certainty is that at least one of Hamilton, Rafaela, or Abreu will be sent down by the time Pablo Reyes returns to action, who is on the 10-day injury list.

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