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The Debt Collective Releases New Tool Created to Cancel Student Debt


Co-founder of the Debt Collective stated how President Biden has promised that he will use every tool he can do to cancel student debts, but there is still much he has to do. They also added that the launch of their new tool will call out his bluff.

The Debt Collective releases tool to plead cancellation of student debt. (Photo:

The Debt Collective has launched a tool on Monday to increase pressure on the Biden Administration to deliver the long-promised relief from student load debts. 


According to Common Dreams, the Debt Collective described the tool that they launched on Monday, that by filling out the form it created an individual demand letter that is tailored to each own’s student debt story and is a call out to the Department of Education to use its powers to cancel everyone’s student debts.


For those who want to use the tool, the Debt Collective’s website explains the following:

  • You will answer basic questions regarding your student debt.
  • Basing on your answers, the tool will create legal language to assert why your student loans are BS and why it should be cancelled. 
  • The answers will create a demand letter.
  • When you have completely answered all the questions, the forms will be sent automatically to key officials with powers to act at the Department of Eeducation.


The Debt Collective spokesperson Braxton Bewington said that the new tool would not harm any users. They also added that The Department of Education has the authority to eliminate a person’s student debts if they wanted to, it is up to their political rationale whether they would choose to cancel people’s debts or not.


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The Debt Collective’s website stated in a FAQ that filing the forms does not ensure debt cancellation, and the Department of Education is not, in any way, required to answer to the letters. However, the Debt Collective’s goal is to submit as many letters as possible so that they will have to make a statement.


The Debt Collective co-founder Thomas Gokey noted that President Biden has said that he will use very tool that he can cancel student debt but with the new tool that was launched by the Debt Collective will be calling out his bluff and demand cancelation of everyone’s debt.


The Debt Collective previously also released a draft executive order that was stated in parts that the Secretary of Education shall immediately use the full extent of his power under the Higher Education Act and any other applicable law to cancel all obligations to repay federal student loans.


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