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The delivery vehicle for Colorado Pet Pantry was stolen from the Englewood parking lot.

Colorado Pet Pantry's delivery truck from its off-site parking area in Englewood. (Photo: Denver7)

The Colorado Pet Pantry is in need of assistance after its delivery van was taken from its parking lot in Englewood.

Help Colorado Pet Pantry get a new delivery truck. (Photo: Youtube)

Base from the article from Denver7, according to the Colorado Pet Pantry website, the nonprofit temporarily feeds pets when families are financially challenged in order to keep the animals at home and out of shelters.

Someone took the Colorado Pet pantry’s delivery truck from its off-site parking lot in Englewood just before midnight Saturday, a day before the nonprofit’s 10-year anniversary.

“Someone hopped the fence at our storage yard and tried a bunch of different vehicles before settling on ours, hotwiring it, and then crashing through the facility gate,” said Eileen Lambert, founder and executive director of Colorado Pet Pantry.

Thankfully, Lambert stated nothing was inside the gray 1997 converted box truck, but it’s still a significant loss.

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According to the group, the Colorado Pet PAntry truck was used to collect huge gifts from major brands, carry food to more rural regions, and host larger pet food banks in the metro area.

Base from the article of 9News, Lambert believes the colorado pet pantry truck will not be recovered, and even if it is, they don’t know what shape it would be in because the robber rammed it through a gate.

“We’re not going to let this get us down,” Lambert declared. “We’re going to figure out how to keep doing our job; it just complicates things. Resources are being depleted by having to rent vehicles and thinking through the strategy of how we’re still going to get these donations and distribute the pet food to the people who need our help.”

Lambert said the group has received an outpouring of community support and is hopeful that they will be able to purchase a replacement Colorado pet pantry truck soon.

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