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The founder of OnlyFans gave himself bonuses of $1,000,000 every day.

Founder of OnlyFans. (Photo: Arise News)

Unsurprisingly, OnlyFans’ owner has been making money from other people’s labor as online debates about the morality of the site and the reported rise in young women turning to online sex work have been going back and forth.

OnlyFans App (Photo: BBC)

According to the article from EBaum’s World, the proprietor of the website, Leonid Radvinsky, was recently found to have received $338 million in dividend payments, or nearly $1.3 million per day, after OnlyFans’ parent company, Fenix International, saw its annual revenues reach over half a billion dollars. Over $2 billion is thought to be Radvinsky’s net worth.

More than $5.5 billion, up from $4.8 billion in 2021, was reportedly spent on OnlyFans in 2022, while the number of creators using the platform rose by 47% to about 3.2 million. Users increased by 27% to a total of almost 239 million.

The report by Fenix International stated that for the first time, more than half of the company’s revenue came from non-subscription services like tips and custom content. Subscribers who prefer to support creators directly may opt to tip their favorite creators in addition to paying subscription fees, but OnlyFans receives a cut of those as well.

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A $2.1 billion estimate for Leonid Radvinsky’s net worth has been made.

According to  Evie Magazine, the year 2022 was quite successful for OnlyFans, an online platform that hosts a wide range of sexual content. The company’s revenue increased significantly from $932 million in 2021 to $1.09 billion. Its $525 million in pre-tax profits increased by 22%. Furthermore, the platform handled $5.6 billion in gross payments. The number of content producers on the platform increased by 47% in terms of user engagement.

Radvinsky is a venture capitalist, philanthropist, and technology entrepreneur who has a preference for new social media platforms, according to the information that is currently available. In line with his self-declared devotion to philanthropy and tech projects, his company gave approximately $1.3 million in cryptocurrencies to Ukrainian rescue efforts. Radvinsky, a graduate of Northwestern University, has had prior ties to the adult webcam sector through companies like Cybertania.

Despite its popularity, controversy has followed OnlyFans everywhere. Although the firm maintains that its age-verification procedures go above and beyond the usual regulatory standards, regulatory bodies and governments have criticized the site for not doing enough to stop minors from selling and appearing in explicit movies. The network has also broadened the type of content it offers, moving away from being solely known for adult content and showcasing “safe-for-work” content from some of its most well-known producers.

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