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The Pacific Northwest Experiences Record Breaking Heat Waves

Extreme heat waves are experienced by the Pacific Northwest this week. (Photo:

The Pacific Northwest is facing extreme heat waves this summer.

Extreme heat waves are experienced by the Pacific Northwest this week. (Photo:

The Pacific Northwest is experiencing the second major heat wave of this summer, following the heat wave last May.

According to USA Today, the Pacific Northwest avoided the excessive heat waves that tormented much of the southern and northeastern USA earlier this summer. On Wednesday night, a dangerous heat wave warning is in effect throughout the Pacific Northwest. Although there is a chance that the heat wave will persist through Friday, according to The National Weather.

As mentioned, the Pacific Northwest experienced its second heat wave following the heat wave last summer, the heat wave first arrived in parts of Washington and Oregon state last Sunday and is expected to last through the whole week. In parts of the Pacific Northwest, especially in Portland, the heat could reach 107 on Monday and 104 on Tuesday, before dropping on Wednesday. Temperatures in Seattle for this week will be the warmest recorded this year with the afternoon highs in the 80s and the lows in the 90s.

With the heat wave, there is a wildfire threat to the Pacific Northwest. This week’s heat will increase the wildfire threats in the region. In the western part of Washington and Oregon, there are red flag earnings for high fire dangers in effect. The warning led to an evacuation last Saturday in eastern Lane County, Oregon.

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The National Weather Service has urged the people in parts of the Pacific Northwest to prepare for triple-digit temperatures this week.

According to Jefferson Public Radio, a number of heat warnings and advisories are issued for an extreme heat wave that will hit the Pacific Northwest to the northern Rocky Mountains this week. The high and low temperatures could break or tie records.

Parts of the Pacific Northwest, specifically Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, and Northern California have been warned by the National Weather Service (NWS) for the people to prepare for extreme three-digit temperatures this week, with little relief because overnight temperatures are record warm through Thursday.

Here are some steps that people can do to stay safe from the heat waves:

  1. Limiting strenuous activities
  2. Wearing light clothes
  3. Minimizing exposure from the sun
  4. Drink plenty of water

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