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The US is Devastated by the Courtship of  China and Russia to North Korea.

Putin and Kim

The two presidents of the countries China and Russia will also talk about potential future Russian arms sales to North Korea. Russia is also attempting to organize joint naval exercises in the Pacific with China and North Korea.

Putin, Xi, Kim

China and Russia are courting North Korea.

Kim and Vladimir Putin are anticipated to talk about the transfer of North Korean weapons to Russia in support of that country’s conflict in Ukraine, most likely artillery shells and anti-tank weapons.

China and Russia are anticipated to deliver an odd combination of food assistance, nuclear submarines, and satellite technology in exchange.

The two presidents of countries China and Russia will undoubtedly talk about future Russian weaponry supplies to North Korea as well.

China and Russia are also attempting to organize joint naval exercises in the Pacific with China and North Korea.

Of course, the significance of all these gatherings is that they might continue Russia’s assault on Ukraine. That is already really bad. The meetings have even more significance, though, because it is anticipated that the covert conversations will center on enhancing military cooperation and mutual support in Asia.

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The Kim-Putin meeting is simply a portion of the narrative. The meetings between North Korea and Russia have a third party, one that is the dominant actor: Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s fingerprints are all over them.

China and Russia aim to aid in its conflict and use both North Korea and Russia to further their own strategic goals.

The first gain for China and Russia is that the conflict has escalated into a serious issue in Europe, capturing the interest of the majority of Western political leaders, the intelligence community, and Western militaries.

Second, the conflict assures that Western conventional weapons flow to Kiev, rapidly depleting stocks.

The US is far from ensuring that Ukraine’s enormous weaponry needs can be satisfied while also satisfying the demands of friends and partners like Taiwan and maintaining a fully stocked US arsenal.

Third, the conflict confirms Putin’s reliance on Xi, in terms of the relationship of China and Russia, and shows to the world that Putin is Xi’s slave.

Far more than the other way around, China and Russia need each other.  Xi must be thinking in private, “What is Russia good for?” and part of the solution might be to show off China’s dominance and act as a factotum in diplomatic and military affairs.

For the United States, the relationship between Russia, China, and North Korea presents serious difficulties. Significant worries include the spread of WMD, the deterioration of international laws, and a potential shift in the global balance of power.

However, by taking advantage of the conflicting interests of China and Russia by utilizing strategic diplomacy, and adhering to its pledges to advancing peace, stability, and the democratic principles that have traditionally defined American foreign policy, the US may lessen these threats.

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