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US versus China: Xi Jinping Warns the US of Overstepping a Red Line by Supporting Taiwan, ‘Storm of Lethal Consequences’

China and The US

The U.S. has received a strong warning regarding its support for Taiwan, which may result in a US versus China war, from the state-run newspaper in China, The Global Times. In a Friday op-ed, the daily warns of an impending “storm of lethal consequences.”

China and the US

Escalating tension in the US versus China disputes makes international headlines.

As Sino-US relations reach new lows, Beijing warned Washington on Tuesday that meddling in Taiwan’s destiny is the “first red line” in those relations.

China’s Foreign Minister Qin Gang reiterated Beijing’s assertion that Taiwan was part of its territory and could be seized by force, if necessary, during a two-hour press conference that covered the situation in Ukraine, Japan-China relations, and a recent incident with a suspected Chinese spy balloon increasing issues of the US versus China conflicts.

The former ambassador to the United States held out a red booklet holding China’s constitution and declared that his nation’s legal system advocated for the “peaceful” reunification with Taiwan. The island’s defense minister warned earlier in the day that continued Chinese provocations might result in a military response that can trigger a US versus China war, according to Chiu Kuo-cheng.

China’s primary concern and the cornerstone of the China-US political relationship is the Taiwan question. the first line that should never be crossed in China-US ties. Unquestionably, the United States is to blame for the Taiwan issue and the possible US versus China war.

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After Nancy Pelosi, who was the speaker at the time, visited Taiwan last year, China retaliated by holding a week of US versus China military games all across the island.

He said on Tuesday that the U.S.’s perspective of China was “seriously distorted,” echoing President Xi Jinping’s remarks from the previous day. He claimed that the US versus China  “malicious” rivalry that was intended to subdue China.

Qin claimed that Washington “overreacted” and “dramatized” the situation in response to the spy balloon allegations.

In connection to the US versus China rivalry, there will undoubtedly be tension and confrontation if the United States, who was chosen as foreign minister in December, does not apply the brake and keeps moving in the wrong direction despite any guardrails. Who will be responsible for the dire consequences?

The two nations’ differences over Ukraine have grown, with China becoming an international outlier by hesitating to denounce Russia’s invasion. China has denied American allegations about the US versus China conflict and that it was getting ready to arm its ally Russia, and Qin reiterated Beijing’s demands for peace negotiations on Tuesday.

Without going into further detail, he said that there appears to be an invisible hand attempting to prolong and escalate the conflict and utilizing the Ukraine crisis to further specific geopolitical agendas, but added that China must improve relations with Russia in order to act as a buffer in a “turbulent world” and in the US versus China war.

Many governments and businesses are growing more worried by Beijing’s support for Moscow and the possibility of armed conflict in the Taiwan Strait. Beijing is now openly painting itself as a target of U.S. “containment” and “suppression,” which may resonate with portions of the domestic audience but fails to account for broader international concern about China.

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