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These are Rhode Island’s 10 most dangerous cities, according to FBI statistics.

Providence, Rhode Island, USA downtown cityscape viewed from above the Providence River. (Photo: IStock)

Despite being one of the safest states in the union, crime nevertheless exists everywhere. Rhode Island is no exception.

Providence is the capital and most populous city of the state of Rhode Island and is one of the oldest cities in the United States. (Photo: IStock)

According to OnlyInYourState, it’s fair to assume that life is quite laid-back and enjoyable in the Ocean State given that Rhode Island has among of the safest cities in the entire nation. No area is completely free from crime, but statistically, certain of our cities have a higher likelihood of it than others. These are the most hazardous cities in Rhode Island, according to the latest recent FBI statistics.

1. Providence

Unfortunately, the most violent city in our state is Providence. It ranks first for its rate of property crime and second for violent crime. Although Providence is considered to be the most hazardous city in Rhode Island, all the towns on our list have a lot to offer.

2. Woonsocket

Woonsocket, a town close to the Massachusetts border, ranks in second for both violent and property crime. As of 2018, Woonsocket residents have a 1 in 169 risk of becoming the victim of violence.

3. Pawtucket

With a 1 in 38.2 probability of becoming a victim of a property crime and a 1 in 223 chance of experiencing violent crime, Pawtucket is the third most hazardous city in Rhode Island.

4. Newport

In 2018, Newport residents had a 1 in 41.4 risk of being the victim of theft or arson, a 10% decrease from 2017. However, it also holds the third-most hazardous ranking for property offenses.

5. Central Falls

Despite having the smallest acreage of any city in the state, Central Falls has the highest population density. As of 2018, there is a 1 in 232 probability that a resident may become the victim of a violent crime.

6. Cranston

Cranston is the sixth most hazardous location in Rhode Island on our list. The second most populous city in the state is Cranston, which is only 5 miles south of Providence. Even if there was a significant increase in violence between 2017 and 2018, the likelihood that you may experience it is still quite low—1 in 686.

7. North Smithfield

With a 1 in 959 probability of becoming a victim of a violent crime, North Smithfield ranks seventh on the list. In terms of property crime, it ranks as the fifth riskiest location in the state.

8. Warren

Violence is comparatively uncommon in the little town of Warren. However, property crime deserves a presence on the list because there is a 1 in 91.2 risk that it may result in theft or arson.

9. West Warwick

West Warwick has slightly higher crime rates than ordinary Warwick, yet there is still a 1 in 437 chance that you may experience violence here.

10. Johnston

Johnston is the tenth most hazardous city in Rhode Island according to our ranking. Between 2017 and 2018, violent crime in Johnston decreased, along with property crime. They won’t be on the list the next year if this pattern persists.

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If you reside in one of these areas, don’t let these figures worry you. They fluctuate every year, and Rhode Island is a generally safe state.

According to TravelSafe-Abroad, the Ocean State refers to Rhode Island, a little state in New England on the Atlantic Ocean.

Rhode Island is the country’s smallest state in terms of land area, but it is the second most populous after New Jersey in terms of people.

Providence, the state’s capital and largest city, is also a part of the wider Boston metropolitan region for statistical purposes.

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