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Trump’s Former Chief of Staff, Ex-Justice Department Loyalist Failed Bid to Pause Criminal Case, as Deadline for Surrender Nears

Trump's former chief of staff and Ex-DOJ loses bid in pausing criminal case. (Photo:

Trump’s Former Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, and ex-Department of Justice, Jeffrey Clark officially has lost the buds to pause their criminal cases in Georgia on Wednesday.

Trump’s former chief of staff and Ex-Department of Justice loyalist fails to pause criminal case. (Photo:

Trump’s former chief of staff, Mark Meadows, and ex-department of justice loyalist, Jeffrey Clark hoped to avoid travel and booking before Friday, the deadline for their surrender.

According to The Messenger, Clark, trump’s ex-DOJ has previously asked the judge to rule in his favor by Tuesday at 5 in the afternoon, in hopes of avoiding the deadline to surrender himself into Fulton County officials. This has been denied by US District Judge Steve Jones by ignoring the request. 

Within hours, Judge Jones sided with the district attorney’s office on the merits of the motion for a stay and has issued an order denying Clark’s request. Trump’s Former Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, have also filed a similar request to pause his criminal case. Assistant District Attorney Wakeford wrote of Trump’s Former Chief of Staff in a 12-page legal brief, stating that Meadows’ emergency request is a plea to the court to prevent him from being arrested on the charges lawfully brought by the state of Georgia.

Judge Jones has also sided with the prosecutors on Trump’s Former Chief of Staff, Meadows, motion, as well as giving an order on Wednesday that denies his motion in seeking a delay in his arrest. Judge Jones found that the argument that was made by Trump’s Former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows’ lawyers were not persuasive enough to assert a federal jurisdiction before an evidentiary hearing that was set for Monday.

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The twin rulings mean that Trump’s Former Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, and ex-Department of Justice Loyalist, Clark, must turn themselves in by Friday noon Eastern time, the deadline set by Willis or be subject for arrest.

According to Daily News, Judge Jones has not yet made a ruling on the demand of Trump’s Former Chief of Staff and ex-DoJ’s cases to be moved to federal court. A hearing is set next week on this issue.

Willis has charged former president Trump, as well as Trump’s Former Chief of Staff, Meadows and ex-DOJ, Clark, alongside a total of 18 co-defendants under Georgia’s state racketeering law, Willis plans to argue that their actions in seeking to overturn the election were not part of their official roles.

Trump’s Former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and Ex-Department of Justice Loyalist, Jeff Clark argued that they must be tried in federal court because they were carrying out official duties when they helped Trump overturn his loss to President Biden in the last 2020 elections. 

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