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Two Men Were Arrested by Boston Police, 8 Persons Were Shot During J’ouvert Celebration.

J'ouvert parade portion of the Caribbean Carnival (Photo: ShutterStock)

According to authorities, Boston police detained two individuals in connection with a heinous shooting that occurred early on Saturday morning in Dorchester and wounded eight victims with non-life-threatening wounds.

Carnaval in the caribbean is always colourful. (Photo: IStock)

According to the article from Kansas City Star, at 7:43 in the morning, police were called to the scene of several gunshots near 10 Talbot Avenue. According to Boston Police Commissioner Michael Cox, the J’ouvert procession, which takes place before the Caribbean Carnival later in the day, was being celebrated at the time. The shooting was unrelated to the march, the police claimed after finding numerous guns.

Officers assigned to the march sprinted toward the shooting and began securing the wounded with tourniquets, according to Cox. According to Cox, the investigation into the shooting is just beginning, but authorities think two groups may have engaged in some sort of “altercation.”

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Just before 5 o’clock, Sgt. Det. John Boyle of the Boston Police Department confirmed. that an eighth person had been shot, but their wounds weren’t life-threatening. A bullet may have grazed an eighth person, Cox said earlier in the day.

According to the article from The Spokesman, the incident is not the first to take place in August during J’ouvert or the Caribbean Carnival. In 2015, three distinct events in less than an hour resulted in multiple injuries and one man’s death.

26-year-old Dawnn Jaffier was shot shortly after 8 am. the J’ouvert march in August 2014 and was later pronounced dead at BostonWounded Medical, according to a report from the Herald at the time. And in August 2022, a man was shot during the second hour of the J’ouvert procession.

However, on Saturday, the parade’s organizers urged attendees to keep the celebrations and the violent crimes separate. According to Shirley Shillingford, president of the Boston Caribbean Carnival, the media frequently associates violence with certain events.

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