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U.S. Navy’s Integrated Undersea Surveillance System Undergoes High-Tech Revamp to Strengthen Submarine Tracking in the Pacific

Photo: Wikipedia

U.S. Navy’s Integrated Undersea Surveillance System Undergoes High-Tech Revamp to Strengthen Submarine Tracking in the Pacific

US Navy expedites waterborne drones to close gap with China - BusinessToday

The modernization of the Integrated Undersea Surveillance System will involve the utilization of drones, artificial intelligence, and advanced sensor technologies for the purpose of monitoring and locating unfriendly vessels. (Photo: Business Today)

U.S. Navy’s Integrated Undersea Surveillance System Gets High-Tech Overhaul for Enhanced Submarine Tracking and Security

According to the Task & Purpose article, the U.S. Navy is engaged in a significant modernization effort to overhaul its Cold War-era Integrated Undersea Surveillance System (IUSS). This project aims to upgrade the extensive underwater sensor network, enhancing its capabilities to track submarines, monitor sea drones, and detect advanced high-tech weaponry. Reuters broke the news of this development, which aligns with the broader U.S. military strategy to strengthen defensive installations and warning systems in the Pacific region.

The IUSS has its origins in the mid-20th century with the Sound Surveillance System, initially utilizing underwater cables for submarine tracking. Over the years, it evolved, incorporating underwater sonar arrays on Navy vessels and a network of approximately thirty monitoring stations by the 1980s, primarily used to track Soviet submarines.

The latest IUSS upgrades, as reported by Reuters, include deploying underwater and outer space sensors capable of scanning for submarines and their associated radio frequencies. Artificial intelligence programs will expedite data analysis, while sea drones equipped with onboard sensors will enhance surveillance capabilities.

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Integrated Undersea Surveillance System in Pacific to Counter Growing Naval Threats

According to the Reddit article, this comprehensive overhaul signifies the U.S. military’s commitment to bolster its presence in the Pacific, encompassing expansions in Guam and the Philippines, transitioning to larger vessels, and addressing concerns related to China’s naval expansion and the use of sea drones and underwater tactics. Plans are also underway to provide Australia with the Integrated Undersea Surveillance System (IUSS) equipment to enhance its own tracking and warning systems.

While the exact timeline for completion remains uncertain, these upgrades are critical to addressing evolving security challenges, especially as submarine technology advances. The IUSS’s recent success in detecting the implosion of the Titan submersible underscores its continued importance in safeguarding maritime interests.

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