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UFC Dana White’s House in Maine was Attempted a Break-in, Suspect Arrested by Police 


The attempted break in by the suspect happened at Dana White’s vacation house in Maine.


The police stated they have arrested a 23 year old on charges of attempting to break-in the house of UFC President, Dana White. 


According to Fox News, police arrested the suspect in the attempted break-in of UFC President Dana White’s vacation house. Police have responded to the attempted home invasion this week, but the suspect had already left the area when they arrived. The burglar, thankfully, did not make any contact with anyone in the house.


Tips have been said to the authorities about the attempted break in after the video about the incident in Dana White’s house was shared to social media. The 23 year old suspect of the attempted home invasion of Dana White’s house was charged and was referred to the district attorney’s office. 


The vacation home of Dana White is located in Levant, a small town in central Maine about 10 miles of northwest Bangor. Dana White stated that the caretaker of the house told him that the suspect was caught on video while attempting the home invasion. Dana White then posted the video on his social media to help identify the suspect.

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It is unclear if the suspect of the break in has hired an attorney.

US News stated that Dana White has a longstanding connection to Maine and he graduated highschool here at Hebron Highschool. Dana White has also been the president of UFC since 2001.

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