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31 Year Old Suspect of Uber Crash in South L.A. was on Probation for Murder Case

(Photo: iStock)

LAPD Det. Ryan Moreno called the crash on South L.A. that killed three Uber passengers a “vehicular homicide.”

Three people were killed after the suspect sped through a red light. (Photo: iStock)

The 31 year old suspect of the Uber crash in South Los Angeles that killed 3, was on probation for a murder case, says LAPD.


According to LA Times, the 31 year old suspect of the Uber crash that killed 3 people in South Los Angeles, was out of jail on probation for a murder case, said the Los Angeles Police Department.

The 31 year old suspect, named Grogory Black, is facing 3 charges of gross vehicular manslaughter. If convicted, he could face up to 25 years in prison to life for each charge, according to LAPD Det. Ryan Moreno at a Wednesday morning news conference. Black, who is a well-known gang member, was out on a five-year probation, said the police.

On Saturday, at about 5:20 am, the 31 year old suspect was allegedly traveling north on Vermont Avenue in a white Mercedez-Benz when he ran the red light at Century Boulevard and T-boned an Uber carrying four passengers, said LAPD Det. Moreno. The 31 year old suspect was said to be traveling at an “extremely high rate.”

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The force of the crash has made the Uber spin around five times before it landed against a curb.


According to ABC 7, the 31 year old suspect Gregory Black is also facing special allegations of two or more prior felony convictions and aggravated circumstances of great bodily injury. The 31 year old suspect pleaded not guilty at his arraignment at the Comption Courthouse on Tuesday. Black is due to be back in court next week.

The 31 year old suspect, at that time of the crash, was also serving a five-year probation for attempted murder. The 31 year old suspect’s past included 11 felony bookings, three convictions, and an added two criminal “strikes”, as well as a “super strike.”

The crash resulted in the three passengers pronounced dead at the scene. The 31 year old suspect was also taken to the hospital where he was in stable condition. He reached speeds up to 100 mph in a 35-mph zone before the impact. LAPD Det. Moreno said that the 31 year old suspect will go to prison. Also stating that what he did made the victims’ families suffer.

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