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Update on Social Security Benefits: $914 Direct Payment Arrives in 22 Days

Social Security

In just over three weeks, recipients of Social Security benefits will get a rare second payment for September, amounting to $914 for individual filers.

social security

On Friday, September 29, the second payment for the Social Security benefits will be sent out, taking the place of the one for October.

It occurs close to a month following the initial payment of Social Security benefits, which was made on September 1. A scheduling glitch in the Social Security Administration’s calendar causes beneficiaries of such Social Security benefits to get two payments in a month if the first day of the subsequent month falls on a weekend, which is the reason for the double payment.

Beneficiaries of these Social Security benefits typically receive one payment per month, but this year, there are four months—March, June, September, and December—in which they will receive two checks to claim and receive their Social Security benefits.

This is due to the fact that January 1 is usually a holiday and that the first of the month falls on a weekend in April, July, and October.

When a month has two payments for the Social Security benefits, which doesn’t happen often, the second is typically due on the last day of the month.

However, because October’s first falls on a Sunday rather than a Saturday, the payment for the month will be due on September 29 rather than September 30.

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Additional groups are also eligible for the May 1 Social Security benefits payment.

A payout of $1,371 Social Security benefits will be given to qualified couples. A payment of $458 will be sent to essential people who live with SSI recipients and provide the care they need.

The Social Security Administration started issuing SSI benefits in 1974. Since 1975, recipients have received an annual raise based on cost-of-living increases, according to the agency.

The additional payments for Social Security benefits are not included in the monthly retirement check that retirees receive.

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