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UPenn Med School Student Breaks Down Total Cost of One Year’s Tuition


UPenn Med School is ranked 3rd in the US when it comes to medical school research programs, and as it appears, this comes with a hefty price tag to match its reputation.

(Photo: @luciugh TikTok Video)

Doctors in the US are some of the highest paid health care professionals in the world, which is probably why so many institutions charge students of such high tuitions. Usually, the better the school, the higher the tuition. TikTok user and UPenn Med School student, Licia, breaks down the cost of attending the UPenn Med School in a TikTok video.


According to Daily Dot, Licia, A UPenn Med School student and TikTok content creator, breaks down what it is going to cost her to go to med school, noting that her family’s contribution to her expenses is 0. She adds that she lives off campus as the UPenn Med School does not provide student dorms for students enrolled in the program.


Licia then jumps into the breakdown. She explained that the cost of an annual tuition and mandatory fees comes out to $65,940. She said that while the tuition costs a lot, she comforts herself with the knowledge that she is going to be a doctor after she has completed her education.


However, that was not the end of the fees. There was a charge called a “general fee” that costs $3,802, along with a “technological fee” of $1,450. A “clinical fee” of $688, and a “fee fee” that charges her $55. The direct cost adds to $71,935.

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Licia clarified that she every time she has reached to the financial aid department, she was given out an adequate breakdown of the fees, her video where she called the fees an embezzlement is a joke and emphasized that the video was not maliciously intended for the UPenn Med School.


That is what the UPenn Med School estimates it will cost Licia to live in the area while attending school: $20,240 for the housing, $6,640 for her food, $2,260 for her personal expenses, $1,200 for transportations, $4,210 for health insurance, and another $390 fee attached to Licia’s cost breakdown for seemingly unknown reason. Her indirect fees came out to about $35,020, with a grand total cost of $106,955 for attending a single year at the UPenn Med School.


She said that it felt like a highway robbery for her. The video of her talking about the cost of the UPenn Med School tuition has gained more than 300,000 views since it was posted. Comments were filled with shock by the tuition fees charged for medical students.


Licia added that UPenn Med School students can get loans to cover the indirect costs of living associated to their medical degrees. She said that a student can take out loans for the entire amount and not just for the tuition.

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