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UPS Delivery Drivers Will Average $170,000 in Pay, Plus Benefits

UPS delivery drivers. (Photo: iStock)

Full-time UPS delivery drivers will average $170,000 in pay with benefits.

UPS delivery drivers. (Photo: iStock)

Teamsters Union voted a contract with UPS revealing the average full time UPS delivery drivers wage would make around $170,000 a year plus benefits after a five-year contract.

An article released by Scripp News stated that members of the Teamsters Union voted on a new contract with UPS. UPS CEO Carol Tomé has said that the agreement with the members of the Teamsters Union about the wage of the UPS delivery drivers is a win-win-win situation, saying that the UPS delivery drivers would be provided with the best pay and benefits in the industry.

Tomé has revealed that the average full-time UPS delivery drivers would be making around $170,000 a year and pay with benefits by the end of a 5-year contract, which is higher than the previous $145,000.

In addition, she said that part time UPS delivery drivers would at least make $25.75 per hour, as well as full health care by the end of a contract. The company also added Martin Luther King Jr. Day as a paid holiday.


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Carol Tomé said that the new labor contract would be ratified in 2 weeks.

According to the report from CNBC, the company is said to have cut its full-year revenue to catch up with the volume impact from labor negotiations and the cost associated with the agreement for the wages of UPS delivery drivers.

The deal was for part time UPS delivery drivers would make at least $21 an hour, while the full time UPS delivery drivers would be making $49 an hour. The agreement would end on the mandatory day off of UPS delivery drivers, according to a summary that was posted by the Teamsters Union.

The deal with the UPS delivery drivers’ wages is the latest large wage increase that has won in labor negotiations. The new contract has sparked an interest among potential UPS delivery drivers, as the employment site for UPS has increased by 50% in the past week.


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