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What are the Most Dangerous Areas Around Minneapolis?

Minneapolis Downtown (Photo: Unsplash)

Although Minneapolis is a wonderful city, not all of its neighborhoods are safe. In Minneapolis, there are several undesirable areas, including Harrison and East Phillips. Let’s look at the 15 most dangerous areas in Minneapolis, including Jordan and Near North.

Minneapolis aerial with Downtown Minneapolis skyline in the background and Loring Park with Loring Pond in the foreground, during early autumn. (Photo: IStock)

According to UpgradedHome, the largest city in Minnesota, Minneapolis serves as the county seat of Hennepin County. It is a city that got its start and expanded thanks to the local grain and sawmills. Fort Snelling, the area’s first sizable military installation, also expanded local residency. The city expanded to include 83 or so distinct communities, each with their own culture and socioeconomic systems.

Hawthorne, Midtown Phillips, Harrison, South Minneapolis, and East Phillips are the most hazardous areas in Minneapolis, according to FBI statistics. With 58 to 156% more violent and property crimes per capita in these areas than the rest of the city, they consistently have the highest rates in Minneapolis. Do not go to Jordan, Folwell, Near North, or Central.

The average crime rate in Minneapolis is greater than it is in other neighborhoods with a comparable population. Minneapolis has one of the highest crime rates in the country, with 57 crimes committed against per 1,000 citizens. So, there are some areas in Minneapolis that you should just stay away from if you are relocating, visiting, or simply driving by.

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Both tourists and potential residents may be unsure of how safe it is to visit or live in Minneapolis due to crime and the ongoing public health issue.

According to TravelLemmings, so that you may enjoy your time in this beautiful Midwestern city, I’m here to give you some advice on how to be safe in Minneapolis.

Given the size of Minneapolis, some crime is to be expected. The majority of the popular activities to do in Minneapolis are located in the tourist zones, which are generally safe. Most petty crimes, such pickpocketing and bicycle theft, should be avoided by tourists. Additionally, some regions ought to be avoided, and it’s never a good idea to stroll alone at night.

Winter weather is another significant safety risk that is unrelated to crime. With snow and ice on the streets and sidewalks, Minneapolis experiences extreme cold and wind. It might be better to avoid visiting the city in the winter unless you plan to engage in winter activities like skiing because this can make driving more hazardous than usual.

Although there are some safety concerns, you may feel sure about remaining safe in Minneapolis as long as you bear in mind the precautions I’ve listed here and stay away from risky places.

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