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What are the Most Dangerous Places in South Dakota?

Aerial View of Christmas Lights in Rapid City, South Dakota at Dusk (Photo: IStock)

Despite the fact that South Dakota is a very excellent place to raise a family overall, some parts of the state are undoubtedly safer than others.

Historic town – South Dakota, USA (Photo: IStock)

According to Only In Your State, in reality, there are a few towns and cities in our region where you need exercise additional caution after dark. We looked at a Road Snacks list created using their analysis of FBI crime data as well as to compile this list of the towns and cities that are statistically more crime-ridden. We created our own list of South Dakota’s most dangerous areas using this information.

You will be aware of a reality that many South Dakotans are aware of if you have ever read the Crime and Courts section of Pierre’s Capital Journal: our heartland state has its fair share of dangerous locations.

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We can’t say for certain. But one thing is clear: you should take a look at South Dakota’s most perilous places listed below: you might find some unexpected entries.

1. Chamberlain

Although Chamberlain, South Dakota, has a population of 2,386, it is actually the most deadly place in the state. Their unemployment rate is extremely low, but violence and property crime have recently increased. In reality, Chamberlain residents had a one in twenty-five risk of becoming a victim of theft or arson in 2013. Study up on Chamberlain.

2. Rapid City

Although Rapid City is a lovely area, its neighborhoods are not well-known for being secure. In Rapid City, your probability of becoming a victim of a violent crime is 1 in 149, as opposed to a 1 in 261 likelihood for the entire state. It does list several South Dakotan locations to avoid because they are harmful. Look at Rapid City more.

3. Sioux Falls

It should come as no surprise that Sioux Falls, which has a population of 164,676 people, easily makes this list and has impressive crime numbers. The number of violent offenses increased by 45% between 2011 and 2013. Compared to the state average of 15 crimes per square mile, Sioux Falls experienced 89 crimes per square mile in the last year. On the official Sioux Falls website, you can find out more information about this community.

4. Huron

Although Huron is a small town with a cheap cost of living, it is the fourth-most dangerous location to live in our state. Violent crime in this community of 12,956 residents has skyrocketed, rising by 34% in just one year between 2012 and 2013. Study up on Huron.

5. Mitchell

Mitchell, which is the only corn palace in the world, is a well-liked tourist destination. Mitchell, however, is ranked as the fifth most hazardous city in our state due to a recent 18% increase in property crime and a 43% increase in violent crime. Explore Mitchell, South Dakota, in greater detail.

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