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 8 Passengers Creator, Ruby Franke, Arrested for Child Abuse – Sisters’ Speak Out


The 8 Passengers creator’s family have broken their silence regarding her arrest, saying that this had to be done.


YouTube vlogger and 8 Passengers creator, Ruby Franke, has been arrested and charged for two counts of child abuse. With her business partner, Jodi Hildebrandt, they were taken in custody after a neighbor called about a child who came to their house looking for food. Ruby Franke’s family have broke their silence about the arrest.


According to Just Jared, the 8 Passengers creator, Ruby Franke’s sisters Elle Mecham, Bonnie Hoellein, and Julie Deru have released a joint statement on each owns respective Instagram accounts on Thursday in response to the news of her arrest.

They wrote that they have kept quiet for the past 3 years on the subject of the 8 Passengers creator for the sake of her children. They have done everything to try and make sure that the children were safe. They also further added that Ruby and Jodi’s arrest needed to happen.

It was reported that a child was seen climbing out of Jodi Hildebrandt’s window and then ran to the neighbor’s to get help and asked for food and water. The neighbor have noticed that the child has their wrists and ankles taped with duct tape, which then they called the police. 

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The child was taken to the hospital where they were treated for severe wounds and malnourishment. Another child was also seen at the house with similar physical condition.

According to E!News, the 8 Passengers creator and her business partner was arrested and remains in custody for aggravated child abuse charges in Utah. According to the Santa Clara-Ivins Public Safety Department, their arrests came after the police was alerted to a report of a child.

The 8 Passengers creator’s 20 year old daughter also spoke out after her mother’s arrest, she wrote that it was a “big day.” She also wrote that she and her family are glad that justice has been served. She also added that they have been trying for police and CPS for years regarding the abuse of the 8 Passengers creator. In a follow up post, the 8 Passengers creator’s daughter also asked supporters to send her questionable or concerning content related to the 8 Passengers creator’s YouTube channel – which previously raised concerns about the 8 Passengers creator’s extreme parenting methods.

The attempts to reach both the 8 Passengers creator’s and her business partner for comments have been unsuccessful.

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