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A 40 Year Old Man in Grayson County was Arrested for Assault and Carjack

(Photo: Galax Police Department Facebook Page)

The 40 year old man carjacked and assaulted on Friday night.

The suspect forced his way into the victim’s car. (Photo: iStock)

A 40 year old man was arrested after The Galax Police Department received a report about carjacking at 11:45 pm.

According to the article posted by WDBJ, the 40 year old man is in custody after he assaulted two people and stole a car on Friday. Jameur Ryan Smith, was charged of carjacking and felony larceny of an animal.

The Galax Polie Department received the reports at 11:45 pm of a carjacking incident on East Stuart Drive. According to the police, the victim was just pumping gas on her car when the 40-year-old man forced his way into the victim’s car and fleeing with the victim’s dog in the car.

The victim has suffered minor injuries after being dragged by the car that was stolen by the 40 year old man for a short distance, while she was trying to get her dog back. 

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The 40 year old man fled the scene, assaulted another centim and stole a second car.

According to WSLS, Twin County 911 was advised that the stolen car by the 40 year old man had crashed in the 8000 block of Wilson Highway. Police said that the 40 year old man had fled the scene and entered a residence where he assaulted another victim and stealing another car. 

The Galax Police responded to the scene where they were able to collect evidence and recover the, thankfully, unharmed dog. At approximately 1 am, Virginia State Trooper has located the second stolen car on Highway 16 near Sugar grove in Smyth County, and took the 40 year old man in custody.

The 40 year old man was treated and released at Smyth County Hospital before Grayson County officials took him to custody. He is charged by the Grayson County deputies for the Grayson County incident. Meanwhile the Galax Police also charged the suspect with carjacking and felony larceny f an animal. Smith is being held in the New River Valley Regional Jail without bond.

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